What If You Could Work From Anywhere in the World?

This was my view from my “office” a few days ago at the Ritz-Carlton in Bali.

I was doing a couple of hours work before heading down to the pool and beach.

But for many years it didn’t look like this at all…..

I grew up as the only daughter to “professional parents” who went to work 5 days a week and had 5 weeks off a year (I grew up in Europe where longer holidays are the norm). Most of their working life was spent working towards the day where they would never have to work again – AKA retirement.

For many years I never questioned where I would work.

I naturally assumed that it meant I had to be in an office. After all, that’s what everyone else I knew was doing.

I tried to work in London for 6 months but hated every minute of the 4-hour daily commute and the constraints of working in an open plan office where my boss could look at me all day long.

I then worked at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, for 6 years and although the work was very noble and for a cause, my heart would sink every time I walked into my office. It always felt so grey, dreary and heavy.

Perhaps that’s because the weather and atmosphere was often gray, dreary and heavy…...

For the next 10 years my “office” was my home as I brought up my 2 young children a full time Chief Domestic Officer!

I then retrained as a coach and found myself gravitating back to offices in my role as an Executive Coach.

And that same feeling of constriction came over me again.

I found myself feeling so uninspired, limited and living by somebody else’s version of how life was supposed to look.

That’s when I decided to turn the model upside down and start asking myself

What do I really want?

What’s the ideal working environment for me to be in?

What feels expansive for me?

Who are the clients I love to work with?

If I could work from anywhere in the world, where would I choose?

The last question was the one that changed it all for me.

My answer was ‘anywhere’.

I have a friend who has an even better answer.

He says ‘summer’. 

Yes, I want the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and with the people I just love to work with.

It’s really quite simple when it gets boiled down to the truth of what is most important to me right now.

And it’s totally achievable too.

For the first time in history, we have the tools and technology available to us to help us work on our own terms, in almost any part of the world.

The bigger question though is are you bold enough to follow through on taking action to get what you want?

Are you ready to get out of your own way to make that happen?

We have helped many struggling entrepreneurs and business leaders turn their businesses around and get the results they have wanted for years. You can keep trying to figure this out for yourself or you can get some expert help and do it a lot quicker.

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