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Shatter your financial glass ceiling, unlock your income potential, effortlessly clean up unconscious money messes and free yourself from under-earning and other financial self-sabotage.

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Dear Passionate & Ambitious Entrepreneur,

A large majority of small business owners and entrepreneurs are wondering why they are working really hard— yet the financial results aren’t quite stacking up.

They’re tired of the financial roller-coaster and inconsistent income that they can’t count on.

They want to make a difference in the world, and have a real impact, and yet when they’re struggling themselves it’s difficult to give and contribute in a big way — at the level they truly feel they are meant to serve.

What I am about to share is perfect for you if:

  • You’re tired of struggling to make ends meet
  • You’re frustrated that after all these years in business, your bank balance still doesn’t reflect your hard work and expertise
  • You’re worried about living from month to month (and sometimes week to week) and praying that you don’t have any money emergencies
  • You’re envious of others who appear to be better off than you and wondering what the heck is their secret to success
  • You are ready to end the financial and emotional roller coaster and finally start winning at wealth and living the lifestyle you dream of.

Winning at wealth doesn’t have to mean continuous struggle or working even harder than you already are. It’s entirely possible to earn fabulous income doing the work you love, living the lifestyle you desire and serving the world in a more powerful way. But first, how you view money will need to shift.

“Vanessa Shaw is one of those international business women that can seamlessly work with Europeans, Americans, and all international businesses that are either just starting out or are CEO's of International Corporations.  I have personally worked with her for several years now and she is as enthusiastic about your business and it's growth as you are about your own business.  She is genuine and a straight shooter when it comes to diving deep into the details of what needs to happen to get your business to the next level.  I have clients that work with her and they can't say enough wonderful things about her energy, business acumen, and guidance that they receive from her and her team.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Vanessa to any of my clients that are looking for an astute mentor.”

– Angela Sticca Snyder, Taxanista

First let me share how I made the shift…

My own money story fluctuated for many years. I didn’t realize that I was primarily held back from years of “generational programming.” That meant I was looking to my husband to provide for my financial needs. Deep down inside, I never believed it was possible to earn more than he did. I unconsciously had capped my own earning ability and it stayed there for years to come.

VS-060-WAW-1200wWhen I first started out in business, my highest priority was getting new clients and making a real difference through my work. Money was not a big motivator for me and I felt very uncomfortable discussing anything related to money.  This led me to undercharging for my services, giving away huge amounts of my time for free, and feeling awkward when it came to discussing my fees.

My first breakthrough came when I landed a very lucrative corporate deal and I honestly thought my money problems would be solved. I was enjoying a six-figure income and the lifestyle that came with it. But it soon became apparent that earning more money was not going to be the magical solution I thought it would be. Sure, it helped - a lot - but realizing that I had a relationship with money that meant I was either avoiding it or spending too much of it, it became clear that I needed to dig deeper into my money story before it literally cost me everything; and it nearly did when I lost my big contract, finding myself scarily close to bankruptcy and not knowing how I was going to turn my business and money story around.

I realized that to be successful in business, I not only had to learn some business building strategies but I also had to learn more about money – both the practical emotional side of handling it. I tried to put the pieces together for myself as nobody I knew was talking about this. I did pretty well, creating a new six-figure business within a year, so I had the income creation part going well.

While I had learned how to make more money, I certainly hadn’t learned how to keep it, plus while my own debt was lowering, my spending was still going up. I started to work with top mentors who focused on both business building and money and I became fascinated to discover the whole story and negative relationship that I had with money that would continually sabotage my success unless I found another way.

What I learned has completely changed my life and my business inside and out, which is why I want to share this with other entrepreneurs so they can stop self-sabotaging behaviors, shatter the financial glass ceiling, and finally start enjoying the freedom that comes with generating more income and being in control of their earning potential.

Here are a few ways I have mastered money:

  • I have gone from having a head-in-the-sand approach to money to knowing exactly what’s going on. This one action alone has provided so much clarity and empowerment.
  • I know where my weak spots are (or could be) involving money and know how to stop myself before they take over and sabotage my efforts.
  • I have systems in place that have removed the stress that I associated with money previously, which means I can now dedicate my time and energy to fulfilling my purpose and playing a much bigger game in business.
  • I regularly set new “Bold Money Goals” for earning more than I’ve ever done before. This time I am confident that I will actually get to enjoy most of it!
  • I have created a new, healthy relationship with money to pass on to my children so that they can be empowered in their financial actions and value the freedom that money brings.
  • I have cleaned up my money messes, ridding my life and bank account of things that are money-drains, or that I didn’t need to pay but had been doing without thinking or acting.
  • I have a plan for my life and my finances that aligns with who I am, what I want to create for my family, and the lifestyle I want to lead.
  • I am no longer a victim to my own sabotaging habits and mindset around money that didn’t just hold me back personally but also nearly stopped me from fulfilling my purpose in life.
  • I am truly excited about my own financial future and this is just the start!

After years of my head-in-the-sand approach to money, I am finally feeling in control and creating the financial future that I should have started building a very long time ago and it feels amazing.

I have learned that if we are serious about living a quality life, of being a good role model for our friends, colleagues and family, and contributing to causes that are close to our own hearts, then we absolutely must become savvy, respectful and joyful around money to create the kind of reality that will enable all of those things to happen, and more. There is no silver bullet to making this happen – you must stop thinking that it will “magically” happen all by itself because it won’t. You have to take back control and get into the driver’s seat when it comes to money.

As I discovered on my journey to financial security, money is the lifeblood of any business and without it your passion to do great work in the world will rapidly disappear. Lack of money creates a lot of stress, worry and anxiety as well as playing havoc with your close relationships. Having more money gives you more choices. Choices create new opportunities and give you greater financial ease and peace of mind.

  • Imagine having the freedom to decide which schools you want your children to attend.
  • Imagine having the choice to travel the world on your own terms and to stay in great hotels.
  • Imagine the choice of selecting the home you want for your family in the neighborhood you want.
  • Imagine the choice to give back more and contribute generously to the causes that are close to your own heart.

The stark reality of many business leaders and entrepreneurs is that they crave a freedom-based lifestyle and want to make a bigger difference in the world, but find themselves constantly worried about a lack of financial resources.

Your business cannot thrive on strategy and marketing tactics alone. It’s never the perfect product or service, sales pitch, attractive opt-in or most creative marketing strategy that will win the game of wealth. In fact, you can have several business owners implementing the same set of strategies but only a few of them will be financially successful. Why is that? It’s because their personal relationship with money and comfort level with receiving greater wealth in their lives is more closely aligned with the vision of success they want to achieve.

what'S IN the WINNING AT WEALTH Coaching Program?

WINNING AT WEALTH is a dynamic 7-week 7-module program designed to end the financial and emotional roller coaster that many business leaders and entrepreneurs face. And there are lots of bonuses below so read on!

MoneyMoney touches every aspect of our life, yet most people tend to have an unhealthy relationship with it – either avoidance, not being able to stand on their own two financial feet, overly penny pinching or excessively impulsive when it comes to spending or naively thinking that your money situation will miraculously sort itself out one day. If you can’t count on money to be there when you want it then it’s guaranteed to bring you a lot of unnecessary stress, worry and anxiety.

In these powerful modules I’ll coach you every step of the way to create new, empowering money habits that will transform your relationship with money, increase your self-worth, boost your confidence, improve your relationships with loved ones and enable you to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work and finally breakthrough to new income levels.

Here is an overview of the 7 modules delivered over 7 weeks that I'll personally coach you through in the program:


Build a Winning Future

The only thing that is stopping you from generating more income is the story you tell yourself about why you can’t.


Develop a Wealthy Mindset

Your past does not equal your future. Transform the programming that holds you back and make peace with the past, while making friends with the most important numbers in your business. Avoidance is not the path to abundance. True leaders create a future that is distinctly different from the past.


Discover Your Unique Money Personality

You can’t create an empowered financial future with the same version of you who created the money mess in the past. Learn the four key money types each with their inherent strengths and weaknesses. Honor your money type and learn how to build new capabilities so that your new money personality is aligned with the future you want to create.


Shatter Your Financial Glass Ceiling

Discover your unconscious financial set point. Build new money habits to shatter your financial glass ceiling. Learn how to outwit your own money “monster” who will always show up in your “money gap.”


Overcome Financial Sabotage and Clean up Money Messes

A head in the sand approach will not bring you financial freedom. Create healthy new money practices. Your income is a reflection of what you practice on a daily basis. Use the power of environment to create a financial breakthrough.


Create the Wealth That You are Worth

Stand in the power of the value you offer and create a powerful value ripple effect. Escape the time for money trap, transform your passion into profits, and increase your self-worth.


Put Your Wealth into Action

Vision plus inspired consistent action creates a true financial breakthrough. Replace income limiting “busyness” with incoming generating “inspired actions.” Learn how to create your own “Money-making happy hour” with 50 income generating activities.

But that's not all, besides the 7 core training modules above, you'll get the opportunity to ask your questions in our private Facebook group.

PLUS I'm including 3 additional bonus trainings immediately on:


Clearing your Money Clutter


Insider Secrets to adding an additional $5k of revenue each month


50 Money Making Happy Hour Activities

PLUS I'm offering you a risk-free money-back guarantee below!



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“Before coaching with Vanessa, I struggled with raising my rates and charging what I was worth. She was not only able to access the mindset blocks that held me back, but she also provided practical ideas to move my quickly into my higher rates. I’m now charging 300% more for many of my programs and I no longer struggle with the value I deliver. If you need help building your business and growing revenues, I highly recommend Vanessa!”

– Jason Hartnov,

guaranteed-75x75My Generous RISK FREE Guarantee

I'm so confident that you're going to LOVE the WINNING AT WEALTH I have to share with you. This program has the potential to help you transform your relationship with money, your ability to generate more income and make a bigger impact.

And I also want you to feel good about making this decision to invest in yourself and growing your business. So I am going to make it really simple and remove all the risk. If after listening to MODULE 1 you're not 100% satisfied with what you're learning - just let me know before the start of MODULE 2. Simply call our office at +1 (602) 730-5937 and let my team know you'd like a refund. Once MODULE 2 has started, I'll assume you're fully in!

I guarantee I will personally refund your money out of my OWN pocket.

No hidden tricks or catches..... You have my word for it! You're now fully protected by my guarantee - you have nothing to lose (and everything to gain!).



1 X PAY $997  2 X PAY $525