What's Your #1 Dream for This Year?

What's Your #1 Dream for This Year?

I wanted to reach out to talk to you about something deeper that I’ve connected with that has got me super inspired.

I wanted to share it with you because I think my story could be your story.

For the last few months I’ve been super focussed on growing team, marketing our live events and coaching our amazing clients.

And I got a little stuck in the weeds of my own business and started to lose connection with what this is all about.

I was feeling tired, a little cranky and honestly getting frustrated too 🙁

Then I asked myself a question that changed everything.

That question was “What’s the #1 dream I really want to have happen for me this year?”

The money’s nice in business but I’ve always said that it’s not ultimately about the money.

It’s about the new possibilities that are opened up as a result of the money.

My big dream this year is to take my family back to Thailand. It’s been years since we were last there and we all have wonderful memories of the delicious food, street markets, heavenly spas and stunning beaches. Now that my children are young adults, it would be a completely different experience for us all. And it would be a fabulous way to finish the year for us all to reward ourselves for our hard work and efforts throughout 2018.

When you grow your business strategically and intentionally it becomes the vehicle through which you make a big impact in the world AND achieve your own personal dreams too.

Your dreams become the fuel to keep you going throughout the inevitable ups and downs and bumps along the way.

Is it time to dust off your own dreams?


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