3 Things Clients Want and 3 Things They Actually Need

There are 3 things clients want when they seek to build a thriving business.

3 Things Clients Want

Here they are:

  1. More Impact: They know they’re really good at what they do. They have a deep desire to help more people and they want to know they are making a bigger difference. Essentially they want to leave the world (or at least their part of the world!) in a better place through their work.
  2. More Income: In order to have a healthy business, they know that they need more income to be able to pay their expenses, pay themselves a salary, hire help and invest in growing their business.
  3. More Freedom: Freedom has many definitions but largely our clients want to do the work they love, when they want and with whom they want and to enjoy time freedom to pursue other activities too.

3 Things Clients Need

In order to get what they want, they must fulfill these 3 needs:

  1. Clarity: Clarity on the next stage of business. Who are their ideal “champagne” clients? How to market to attract them? What services to offer and how much to charge? Clarity on who to hire next to support them… and so on.  When clarity is lacking it gets really challenging to take action.
  2. Support: The life of an entrepreneur can get lonely at times. We all need somebody who will cheer us on, brainstorm new ideas or give us a reality check from time to time. The truth is, left to our own devices we could easily slip back into our comfy zones!
  3. A Plan:  They need a simple and practical plan that they can easily implement with priorities, timelines, and milestones.

Define Who You Need to Become

What they don’t realize they need help with is defining who they need to become in order to achieve their big bold dreams. 

This is the missing element in most business plans and the reason why so many entrepreneurs fall short of achieving their goals.

You have to become the person your vision deserves. Only then does the inspired, empowered action becomes so much easier.


Our zone of genius is helping ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders earn more income, make a bigger impact, and enjoy greater freedom. If you have big bold goals of running a 6- or 7-figure business and you are ready to get out of your own way then you have come to the right place. Our Business Growth Academy Programs will help you build a profitable business and a life you love. Schedule a quick business brainstorm session with one of our strategists.


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