Top 7 tips for attracting clients who can afford your services

Top 7 tips for attracting clients who can afford your services

Are you getting fed up with hearing, “I’d love to work with you but I can’t afford it right now” or are you attracting clients who frequently ask you for discounts? Getting a regular flow of clients can be one of the most challenging aspects of any business and it’s tempting to fall into the trap of thinking that you need to work with everyone in order to keep cash flowing into your business. However working with clients who truly value your expertise and are willing to invest time, energy and money in getting the results they want is hugely rewarding for both you and your client and is the way to build a lucrative and sustainable business.

  1. Instead of positioning yourself as a Jack or Jacqueline of all trades, it’s important to understand the core problem you solve for your clients and develop your services and expertise around that core problem. Clients will be willing to invest in expert services to improve the quality of their life or business.
  2. Package your knowledge and expertise into a signature system that positions you as the credible expert. It provides you with a clear roadmap for your client work and shows your clients that you have a system that can work for them.
  3. Create a client attractive "offer" that clearly addresses a core problem. Make sure your offer is outcome focused with a couple of investment options so that potential clients can choose a solution that works best for them now. Avoid the temptation of overwhelming clients with multiple offers because a confused mind rarely takes action. Presenting 2 options gives your clients clear choices to get them started immediately.
  4. Create a consistent marketing system both online and offline. You have to nurture your potential new clients by providing valuable and relevant content to build the “know, like and trust factor”.
  5. Get in front of large numbers of your potential clients through speaking engagements, sponsoring events or hosting your own event.
  6. Have a simple, repeatable system for enrolling paying clients into your business. Don't forget to have several different options for receiving payment - credit cards, checks, bank transfers and cash!
  7. The fortune is in the follow up! Ensure you stay in regular contact with interested prospects. We all get busy and they'll appreciate the care and attention you demonstrate when following up, in service of their goals.

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