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One question I get asked a lot is “What is the best marketing strategy to use for consistently attracting clients?”

It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to implement complicated marketing funnels, learn social media marketing or attend every networking event in town only to end up with a pile of business cards you don’t know what to do with and a calendar that’s lacking real appointments.

There are a lot of marketing tactics out there that are hot right now but the problem is that they turn cold really quickly – typically before you’ve been able to apply them to your own business. What works today doesn't necessarily work tomorrow so we all need a marketing strategy in our toolkit that transcends fads and fashions – and works for all types of businesses, whether you’re just getting started or have been in business for years.

The #1 strategy we’ve used to take our own business from zero to a 7 figure brand in 4 years is hosting “Conversion Events”. Simply put, these are workshops, seminars, live events or multi-day retreats where you share your expertise and highly valuable content with your ideal peeps live in a room. And it works with as little as a 90 minute seminar all the way through to a full week if you’re thinking of hosting a retreat.

Your peeps, tribe and potential clients attend because they need and want the information and expertise you have to share. And for those who want more of your brilliance and know they need your help to implement, you can make an elegant offer to continue working with you.

Why do I love this as a marketing strategy?

It’s the fastest way for you to build the “know, like and trust factor” with your ideal prospects.

As the event host, it’s also the quickest way to demonstrate your expertise and your leadership as you share your brilliance from the front of the room.

Plus you get to show your personality, your uniqueness and your gifts in a real-time live experience which is so much easier than trying to stand out online.

All the other distractions are removed when somebody is live in a room with you. Tech gets turned off; there are no Facebook distractions, and all the attention is focussed on listening to you!

For the attendee it’s the quickest way to find out if what you’re teaching and sharing resonates with them and their needs. They can ask questions and interact with you in real time and they also get the benefit of connecting with others in the room which adds to the overall experience.

And assuming you’ve got great content to share (which I’m sure you do), your attendees are going to be captivated and will want to know how they can get more of your brilliance!

You don’t need a massive list or tons of people to market to.

My very first event in the States had just 8 people attending (and 1 of them was my husband and another one was a friend!) and by following the simple format of teach - add a ton of value - make an offer, that event led to over $20k in new revenue. Not bad for 90 minutes of teaching!

One of our clients, Nancy, hosted her first conversion event to 37 people and it led to a 6 figure weekend for her!

Another client, Sharon, hosted a 90 minute in-house seminar for real estate agents and it turned into several new clients as well as new speaking opportunities.

Another one of our newer ACCELERATE clients just hosted their first one day workshop and generated 30K in new business and their follow up isn’t complete yet!

This works no matter what industry you’re in.

It's just 3 simple steps: 1) Teach 2) Add Value, 3) Make an (elegant) offer

Are you thinking about hosting your own “conversion” event?

It's a big part of what we teach in our ACCELERATE program!



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