The Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Upgrading Your Business

The Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Upgrading Your Business

If you’ve hit the glass ceiling in your business and you intend to break it... then work on upgrading your business. This article will show you how.

Dafne’s business focuses on three things: process, technology, and people. Her business was doing pretty well. But there was certainly one big problem: 

Dafne was maxing herself out. She was working 60 hours a week— which felt like she was working all the time! 

Despite this hectic schedule, Dafne knew this wasn’t sustainable nor desirable in the long term. Her business was generating $12,500 a month. It might not be too shabby, but she knew there was a better way to do things. And she intended to find out what that is.

So, Dafne reached out to us to seek guidance about how to bring her company to the next level. 

And after 20 months of working with her, Dafne is now very close to hitting $1 million a year. Finally, she can now feel that she is the real CEO of her business. This means that she can pick and choose what to do—when she wants to do it. 

The best part? 

Dafne can now focus mostly on business development and sales, which helps her business grow consistently.

With this much success after 20 months, it begs the question: What did Dafne do differently? 

Well, it all boils down to one crucial thing: 

She upgraded who she was being and moved into her CEO role. 

And I’ll be discussing how this works in this article.

Mindset Matters

Before we dive deeper into the upgrade process that helped Dafne grow her business exponentially, let’s first talk about your mindset. Especially in the context of being a solopreneur.

You see, more and more women are attempting to become entrepreneurs in the hopes of finally escaping the rat race. 

Now, I always welcome the notion of more women opening up their own businesses. Obviously, being an entrepreneur helps us gain freedom, wealth, and happiness. 

But the problem is that many business owners believe that in order to be successful, they should be a solopreneur. 

In other words, they think they need to do everything all on their own.

And that can be extremely limiting.


Because becoming a solopreneur is like trapping yourself in a little box. And this box prevents you from achieving freedom, happiness, and sometimes even wealth. 

The truth is… you don’t have to do it all on your own in order to succeed in business. Instead, push yourself to become a real CEO in every sense of the word.

How is that possible? 

Here are three things that can help you do that:

  • Get out of the scarcity mindset. Don’t get trapped into thinking that you need to attract a lot of clients to survive and grow. Learn to discover who your Champagne clients are build your services only with them in mind 
  • Start overseeing your business. Stop being an employee of your company who is constantly in the day-to-day weeds. Instead, dedicate several hours a week to work on improving and growing your business. Brainstorm revenue-generating activities instead of just working for the paycheck.
  • Believe. Regardless of what happens in your business, you have to believe that you are meant to do bigger and better things. Don’t let naysayers or even yourself put you down. Let go of second guessing and comparisons and be your own cheerleader.

How To Upgrade Your Business

Tip #1 - Standardize Your Delivery

The very first thing you need to do to upgrade your sales process is to standardize your delivery. To do this, you need to answer two things:  What are the core services that you offer? And how do you deliver these services to your clients?

Standardizing your delivery instead of just doing things ad hoc every time is amazing! 


Because it allows you to create a template that works to attract and retain your clients. 

After all the time and energy put into sales, it’s important to retain clients with exceptional delivery. And if you standardize client delivery, you’ll earn the trust and the business of your clients for a long, long time.

Tip #2 - Build Your Perfect Team

Any business gets easier and smoother once you’ve got the right people in place.

But here’s the thing: For a lot of female entrepreneurs, hiring a team is actually a big fear factor. That’s because, for some reason, women are more worried about hiring than male business owners. 

Maybe you feel the same.

To get out of this fear, you simply need to realize that every business needs a team. Without a team onboard, you won’t get to enjoy being an entrepreneur. You won’t have the necessary time devoted to growing your business. 

A team can mean many different things. You can hire full-time employees. Or, you can outsource your team members. You can even do a mix of full-time or part-time workers. 

The only way to find out what works for your business is to make your first or next hire. That’s how you can free up time to be working on growth-related activities.

Just implement it!

Tip #3 - Be in the Zone of Genius

The zone of genius is a state in which you, as the business owner, get to do the work that energizes you and contributes to the growth of your business. 

Now, this zone of genius is important because it's energizing, moves the business forward and nobody else can do it as well as you. 

But in order to spend more time in the zone of genius, it involves delegating non-zone of genius tasks to somebody else. 

Even better is when you delegate tasks that aren't in your zone of genius to somebody else in your team. Someone who does them way better and quicker than you, leaving you to take care of leading and growing the business.

Tip #4 - Upgrade Your Fees

The quickest way to increase revenues is to upgrade your fees. In doing so, you can be working with fewer clients, doing better work, and also generating more revenue to hire additional support. 

Dafne ended up working with half the amount of clients and doubling her income when she raised her fees. This meant her team was no longer stretched at the seams and they were also able to train and hone their skills. 

Upgrading fees ended up being a win-win-win for Dafne, her clients, and her team.

This all goes back to getting rid of the scarcity mindset. That is, you should be focused on doing less but better work, rather than doing more work to hit your revenue targets.

If you upgrade your fees, everything else follows. 

Upgrading your fees will allow you to give your team a breather. It will give them more time to train and hone their skills. And it will give you more opportunities to continue growing your business.

It’s Time to Fully Step Into Your CEO Role

Now you know how to upgrade your business. But there is one last piece of advice I want to tell you before we end. 

And that’s none other than seeking your Champagne clients. 

An upgraded business becomes even more profitable and can scale higher if you know which kind of people to attract and bring into your business. And your Champagne clients are those who will stick around and pay for your services... even while you’re revamping your business.

So as you upgrade your business... 

Do yourself a favor and shift to only serving your Champagne clients.

Sign #2 - You’re Starting to Turn Away Some Clients Due to Lack of Time or Capacity

Some business owners take it as a positive when they have to turn away clients. They think it’s an indication of being successful. But true success means being able to serve as many clients as you want without compromising the quality of your services.

This is why scaling your business is so important.

And a business coach can help you scale your programs and come up with things like group coaching so you don’t have to turn away clients due to lack of capacity.

Sign #3 - It Feels Like You’re Plateauing And Can’t Move Past a Certain Income Level

As mentioned earlier, there’s a tendency for businesses to plateau when the business owner isn’t getting any help scaling the business. So, if you’ve been feeling stuck and can’t move past a certain income level… then you know it’s time to call for help.

A business coach can help you identify ways to move forward and earn more from the business you’ve painstakingly built.

Sign #4 - You Know You Need to Start Hiring Team Members, But Don’t Know How

Apart from a business coach, hiring actual team members can also help ease the burden you’re currently carrying alone. But if you’ve been thinking about hiring and just don’t know how to start… a business coach can likewise help with that.

Sign #5 - You Don’t Have a Practical Financial Plan

There’s no shame in admitting that you don’t have a practical financial plan just yet. Not all of us have a business background after all. And most business owners just start with an idea and heaps of grit and determination.

But at the end of the day, if you’re not making money, then you’re not in business. Not really.

Fortunately, a business coach can help you set up a practical financial plan to keep your business profitable. But again, don’t wait until it’s too late or until you’ve already driven the business to the ground before you seek help with profitability.

Now, if you’re reading this and you know you don’t have a practical financial plan for your business just yet, then…

Start Looking for a Business Coach Today

When it comes to scaling and growing your business, there is such a thing as too late.

You’ve already invested a lot of time, money, and effort into starting your own business. So, don’t let any of those things go to waste by waiting until it’s too late to look for a business coach.


I’ve been exactly where you are. I know what it feels like when deep down inside you know you were destined for more but things aren’t going fast enough or you’re feeling stuck or frustrated.

Our clients frequently report doubling and tripling their incomes, reaching more people, creating greater freedom as well as thoroughly enjoying the journey of business and leadership growth.

The most noteworthy advice any successful Entrepreneur will tell you, is get a mentor or coach. Skip the costly pitfalls of "doing it all yourself" and start growing your business quickly!

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