The Conversation Among Women in Business That Needs to Change

The Conversation Among Women in Business That Needs to Change

There’s a conversation among women in business that needs to change.

The first is the conversation they have in their own heads.

The one that tells them how much value they have to offer (or not).

The one that tells them how much success they deserve (or not).

The one that tells them how much impact they are here to make (or not).

The one that tells them how much joy, happiness and love they can enjoy (or not).

The one that tells them how much money they can earn (or not).

AND then there is the conversation that unfortunately still happens among women (often behind backs and closed doors).

This is the conversation that says:

  • Who does she think she is?
  • “Why does she think she’s special?
  • “She’s only in it for the money.
  • “She should be taking care of her family and loved ones instead.

It’s the conversation that tears other women down instead of lifting them up.

It’s the conversation that sees other women as competition instead of contribution.

It’s the conversation that stops us stepping into our greatness if we continue to tolerate it taking place.

I’m on a mission to change both of these conversations.

It starts on the inside. It starts with YOU.

As women we must acknowledge that we have tremendous gifts to offer AND we can earn fabulous income doing the work we love.

The rate of women creating new businesses is increasing daily yet the harsh reality is that women continue to undervalue themselves, overwork, undercharge, and fall short of achieving their financial goals.

This needs to change. When women are more successful, they give back to their families and communities. Everybody benefits.

The world needs more successful women who are leading the way in business and acting as inspiring role models for other women to follow. We must learn to celebrate and lift up other women who are stepping out of their comfort zones, setting up businesses and learning how to stand on their own two financial feet.

That is exactly the reason that I started the BOLD WOMEN IN BUSINESS FACEBOOK GROUP.

You'll get access to:

  • Private Facebook Live videos from me Inspiration to be BOLD in your business
  • Support of the entire community
  • Celebration of our successes
  • Owning your value
  • Powerful contributions of the entire group

If you are starting or growing a business and would love to be part of a community of BOLD WOMEN who will change this conversation and support and celebrate you along the way, join us at BOLD WOMEN IN BUSINESS FACEBOOK GROUP today by asking to join here:

See you there!


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