Exactly What to Do After Stating Your Fees

Do you struggle with exactly what to say in a sales conversation after stating your fees?

That’s normal right? After all, you didn’t go into business to be a salesperson!

Trouble Stating Your Fees?

Let me paint the scenario for you.

You’ve had a great conversation with a prospect.

You eat their problems up for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

You’re super confident that you can help them. What’s more, you’re really excited about the idea of working with them.

They seem totally keen too.

It feels like a match made in Heaven.

The only thing left to discuss is the question of your fees…. and this is where it can all go drastically wrong.

How to State Your Fees

You want to work with them so much that your head is flooded with:

  • “Should I offer them a special deal?”
  • “What if they can’t afford me?”
  • “I’d be happy to just have them as a client”
  • “It’s not about the money anyway...”

And you start to agonize over how to state your fees.

Sweaty palms. Racing heart. Nervous chatter.

Is this really a sales conversation or are you back on a first date again?

The risk of saying the wrong thing and losing the sale now is really high.

Time for a deep breath.

Quote the Number

The number you really want. The number you know your services are worth. The number that stretches both you and the client to step up.

And then say nothing else!

Absolutely nothing.

Just remain silent. It’ll be difficult. You’ll really want to say something. You’ll be tempted to offer a discount or ask if they can afford it.

Don’t say a thing!

What to Do After Stating Your Fees

Just remain silent until they speak next.

They’ll be processing what just happened. They may be thinking about how to pay for your services. Which credit card they want to put it on or conversations they need to have before committing.

If you speak first, you interrupt their process.

Try it next time.

Hold the silence and see how quickly you’re tempted to fill it (by probably saying the wrong thing!)

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