Are You Scratching Their Itch?

You have probably heard the expression: "Are you scratching their itch?" 

But... what does that really mean?

There’s a real challenge for entrepreneurs to be heard in today’s marketplace and ultimately it’s not about mastering email marketing or social media.

How to Scratch Their Itch

It’s about continuously honing your marketing message so that it's clear enough to cut through the noise.

If you’re not being heard above the noise, you've got a big problem because your prospects will be heading elsewhere – and often to somebody who doesn't deliver as well as you on the backend but who are just more masterful at marketing!

A compelling message comes from clearly understanding the “4 Forces” of your ideal clients – in particular, their Frustrations, Fears, Needs, and Desires.

What's On Your Client's Mind?

You need to understand what your clients are thinking about.

  • What’s on their mind when they first get out of bed in the morning?
  • What’s the on-going problem they are looking to solve?
  • And how is that problem showing up in their life or business today?
  • What do they really want instead?

In a nutshell, they have an itch they really want to scratch but they just can’t figure out how.

Here is How to Scratch Their Itch

So let’s imagine how the 4 Forces might play out in a real-world scenario.

Your prospect is frustrated by an ongoing itch that she just can’t relieve. It’s keeping her awake at night. She’s already tried lots of doctors, lotions, and potions. None of them are giving her anything close to relief. She’s increasingly fearful that she may have to suffer like this forever. She doesn't know where to turn.

What she really needs is some form of relief that will both rapidly solve the problem and ensure that she’ll never struggle with that itch ever again. 

Here's Where You Come In

You know exactly what that itch is and what it comes from. You know just how frustrating it is. You know how it’s pre-occupying her. You know how it’s preventing her from getting other things accomplished. You deeply empathize with her needs and desires. And you explain you have developed the perfect solution that has helped many others just like her.

To accomplish this, you have to become masterful at articulating how you truly understand the underlying reason for their itch.

Be Seen as a Solution

When you can articulate their problem better than they can, you will naturally be seen as the solution.

Now your message is far more compelling because your client will feel like you truly understand her problem, how it’s impacting her, and how you offer the ideal solution she wants.

So what is the irritating itch your ideal prospects have right now?

It can be tricky to market in a way that your prospects can hear you above all the noise.

If you’d like help crafting a message that stands out and gets you noticed, just book a quick 15-minute no obligation chat with us.


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