Powerful Tips for Highly Effective Sales Conversations

One of the areas that so many women stumble upon in their business is around having sales conversations.

It's often a place that's dreaded and most people are wanting to avoid. Yet, if you don't master the art of having sales conversations, you don't get to work with the clients that you could be really serving and do the work that you love in the world.

Tips for Highly Effective Sales Conversations

I want to start by giving you a couple of key mindset tips just to help shift that for you today.

The key mindset that helped me make a difference in my sales conversations was to know that I was giving the gift of clarity during those conversations.

It wasn't about me trying to convince or sell something to somebody. It was about me asking a series of questions so that the prospect could get really really clear on what it is that they wanted next.

Helping Your Prospect Make a Decision

Now, let's look at the second key mindset, which is all about helping your prospect make a decision during your sales conversations.

When we talk about helping them make a decision, it's not about making a decision to buy.

Your role in those sales conversations is to help them get clear on what they want and what's getting in the way and to make a powerful decision that's either a "yes" to work with you or it's a "no".

The last thing we want them doing is to be on the fence and they're in a place of indecision because that never feels good for anybody.


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