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We love it when our real clients get real results. Hear it in their own words.

Katie Spencer

“In the ELITE 100 Day Business Accelerator I dialled in my ideal clients, created and launched a brand new program AND generated over $174k in new revenue.

This system works and I'm now on track to quadruple my revenue this year without working harder!

Vanessa and her team are one of the best investments you can make in your business!”

Lisa Clore

“Since starting ELITE, I have created just over $20,000 in new revenue and secured 8 new clients. My biggest win for the 1st Quarter of 2020 is reinvigorating my entrepreneurial spirit and forming my own law firm. With the coaching, accountability and support of the ELITE program, in business strategy and development, but also vitally, mindset, I have had the confidence to jump into a new venture and build a service-centered law firm on my own terms.”

Dafne Tsarkiris

“When I signed up for ELITE I had hit a ceiling in my business. A ceiling on income and a ceiling on leads and I knew something had to give for me to be able to grow. Turns out the thing I needed was Vanessa's ELITE program. It unclogged everything in my business and within my first ELITE I grew my business by 200%.

When I went into ELITE I was at $12,500/month. Fired two “beer” clients who were draining to work with, which brought me to $8,500/month and within 3 months I was hitting $40K + months!! That I am sustaining easily.

I went straight into another ELITE and grew my business another 200%. The beautiful thing is that what I have learned from ELITE I can continue applying over and over again and I am continuing watching my business grow like crazy. From being a solopreneur with a good concept to now - a team of six, booming growth and on track to hit my 3 year goal of $500k in the next 12 months!”

Duana Boswell

“This was my second time opening a law firm after having to close the first one following hurricane Ike in 2009.

I was working with Vanessa and her team when COVID struck and I needed to pivot quickly because the courts were closed in Texas.

I'm really good at what I do but wanted the expert guidance from professionals who could give me the roadmap to growing and sustaining a profitable business.

By following a simple system, I was able to generate $48,850 in new revenue during COVID. I then signed up again for the ELITE program and more than doubled my first goal and brought in $126,825 in new revenue!!!

I love what I do and am so excited about the future of my Firm and all the families we get to help.”

Whitney McDuff

“When we first met, she looked at the business and said (as cool as a cucumber in her beautiful British accent), "Whitney I easily see $100K sitting in your business right now that you're not accessing. Do you trust that I can help you find it? "

I took a leap.

Fast forward six weeks.

Not only have I made back the money I invested in her (within the first week) I have gone on to close another $40K in business.

More than the money though, Vanessa's coaching has given me the space and freedom to ask questions, raise prices, and have uncomfortable and necessary conversations.

Her coaching held space for me to recognize how the trauma of losing my mom was impacting my business.

Her coaching is helping me learn HOW to prioritize me, get feedback, set boundaries, and do the things I want and need to do to grow my business in a way that doesn't burn me out.

The extra income has allowed me to plan vacations with my family and book mastermind trips with my coaches, clients, and allies.

It's allowed me to create the income I need to hire more of the coaches and team members I want to work with.

Thank you Vanessa Shaw, for seeing what I couldn't see and pushing me to leap.”

Christina Howard

“I joined the ELITE 100 Day Business Accelerator because I was looking for a way to grow my business without putting in longer hours.

I set myself a modest new revenue goal because I had no idea how I was going to achieve it. 100 days later I had exceeded my goal by double and was supported in generating $70,850 in new business.

In ELITE, I was surrounded by smart, engaged, and focused business owners all working toward similar goals - it was energizing and fast-paced. The magic of ELITE is certainly the knowledge and mentoring of Vanessa, Dana, and the team, as well as the community of leaders they bring together to go on the journey with them. There is something to learn from everyone - the growth can be exponential if you are owning your experience. ELITE helped to shift my thinking in a lot of areas and that made it one of the best investments I’ve made to get my business to the next level! I highly recommend it for all business owners looking to scale their business without losing their sanity!”

Bridges Conner

“In the ELITE 100 day Business Accelerator I generated $69,030 in new revenue and I know exactly what to do to repeat that again and again!

The ELITE system is practical, easy to follow and it works. Vanessa and her team are the real deal and I'd recommend them to any woman who is serious about growing her business.”

Nancy Hetrick

“I’ve worked with Vanessa for 2½ years and have seen my revenues increase from $220k per year to over $600k! Results speak for themselves. The community is amazing and I've gotten as much from the community as I have from Vanessa and her team. If you know you were meant to be a successful entrepreneur but can't seem to get traction, Vanessa will be the best decision you ever made!”

Kelley Goodwin

“In less than one year working with Vanessa, I added almost 250K in new revenue. End of this year we are on track to double our revenues.  Also chosen as lawyer of the year in Colorado 2017!”

Brooke Lively

“Fired 90% of my business last October and have fully replaced it with few higher paying clients where we get to do more for them.

Within a year my revenue is up 93% but more important, are the changes in my business in general.”

Wendy Anderson

“This past year in Accelerate has proven to be a solid investment and journey as I've gained clarity on the practice I want to have, I've defined my ideal client, and I've learned several effective ways to "find" new clients. My confidence has grown through writing articles, sharing content, and interacting with prospective clients through social media. After one year, I achieved a 31% increase in revenue and am strategizing ways to sustain and continue this growth.”

Jay Feitlinger

“Working with Vanessa has made me understand the importance of prioritizing and focusing on what's really important. Now we're at 7 figures, we're already strategizing to double it again! I am beyond excited… and with Vanessa's guidance and my amazing team and clients I am confident we will exceed our business goals. Thanks Vanessa for all that you do!”

Traci Kincaid

“Giving myself permission to support my personal and professional growth by participating in the Business Growth Academy program is the best decision I've ever made. This program and the personal coaching I've received as part of it have provided clarity to my business vision and mission and helped me develop more confidence in my business development efforts. Since first attending Vanessa's Business Growth Intensive two months ago, I've signed seven new clients, bringing an additional $50,000 to my bottom line. I highly recommend Vanessa and her team to any business owner looking to take their business to the next level.”

Helen Kim

“There is no question that had I not made the investment in myself and my business earlier this year, I would have gone down an entirely wrong path. I would have been running from my area of genius by targeting the wrong clients, with the wrong service package and would have created a business model I simply would not have been able to sustain. Vanessa's team worked with me to get really clear on who I best serve, with the right product at an investment level I'm worthy of. They kept me accountable and helped me lay the foundation for a successful year with just the right amount of encouragement, structure, resources, and much more at just the right time!

This team has worked with me to create some powerful mindset shifts that have allowed me to truly believe in myself and what is possible. In fact, I've already exceeded what I thought would be possible this year alone. In just 9 months of working together I have not only made more than I did in all of last year, I've already more than doubled what I did last year and am on track to triple it.”

Breanna Gunn

“The Million Dollar Question isn’t just a book - it’s a map to making more money in your business. After reading, I was able to DOUBLE my income for the previous 30-day period, just by implementing the ideas and tips that Vanessa gives inside this book - if you’re tired of being ‛stuck’ at a certain income level, you don’t have to be - get a copy of MDQ and implement the ideas. You won’t regret it!”

Karen Goade-Caves

“Vanessa is way more than a business coach (although I did hire her originally to help grow my business!). When we first started working together I was feeling overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done but was also lacking a clear direction, focus and a roadmap that would guide me. Business in all honesty was good AND I wanted it to be great, something that made me really proud!

Every aspect of my life has been positively impacted from health to finances to relationships and my own confidence has significantly grown. And for the first time I'm taking time off and enjoying it while the business continues to thrive!”

Jeff Woudenberg

“I am the strongest I've ever been physically. My mindset is solid and focused. One of my worst sales habits was not being consistent and organized in my efforts to build my contacts, Vanessa gave me real fundamental sales habits and strategy to help grow the business and sales each day. Resulting in a 67% annual income growth!

I've even added a new puppy to my growing family - previously I would have just seen this as an added hassle whereas now I've got renewed energy about life that my family deserves.

My anxiety is seriously reduced, I'm sleeping well at night knowing I've been productive each week and I'm excited for the next chapter of my life. When I first met Vanessa I was stressed, running in multiple directions and constantly preoccupied with the business but often not as productive as I could have been. She asked me who I needed to be to achieve my goals. It felt like a huge leap at that time. Yet now 12 months later I can honestly say that I am the man and leader I was striving to be.”

Arthur Rieman

“Since I’ve started working with Vanessa in September 2016, I’ve added 70K in new revenue at the Law Firm for Non-Profits.”

Bruce Cryer

“Vanessa Shaw is a brilliant coach, mentor, strategist and entrepreneur. In my 35+ years in business, rarely have I come across someone so creative, direct, energetic, fun and effective. If you have a chance to work with Vanessa, take it!”

Ruth Urban

“I added $140,000 in new revenue in the first 12 months after working with Vanessa.”

Deborah Johnson

“I broke though my own financial glass ceiling and generated more revenue from my own company and my own work, than the most I made working for a big corporation. Now, I have a lot of confidence in my ability to generate whatever I want and be successful at it.  There are no limits and no boundaries now.”

Sarah Register

“For the second year in Vanessa’s program I have doubled my income.

The foundational business practices that I have learned through the ACCELERATE Program have helped me to create more consistency in my business practices to create a stronger foundation."

Jeffri-Lynn Campbell

“Vanessa Shaw provides practical, no-nonsense business advice but it goes deeper than that. She has a knack for finding what you most need...and then providing the right tools and direction to help propel you forward. Vanessa has built a community of like-minded, imperfect humans who support one another, cheer for each other and celebrate together. I highly recommend Vanessa and her team for any motivated business owner who really knows their stuff and needs help running their business and breaking through to the next level."

Sarah Freeman

“After I started working with Vanessa, I went from zero to 300K in 12 months. I am now spending nearly half of my time in my Zone of Genius, where I previously spent that time worrying about what to do next. I have learned to embody my power and have not only stepped into the CEO mindset, I now operate fully from that mindset. I am on track to generate multi-7 figure revenues by the end of next year.”

Sabine Messner

“I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about the phenomenal results that I’ve experienced in working privately with Vanessa Shaw... within only 3 months... I had my first $84’000 webinar launch. Then I went on and... sold out my first international retreat… we paid off our second mortgage. All of that in one year.”

Michelle & Brian Soregaroli

“She really is no nonsense. She gives the straight authentic goods. You have no question about her sincerity and her expertise. She will deliver on your expectations. And she’ll get you there, just like she has for us. Thanks Vanessa.”

Arlene Pederson

“It’s it such an amazing opportunity to connect with other business owners and be led by Vanessa. She’s so amazing at digging out what’s really stopping us.”

Jim Simmons

“Let me tell you if you are not already utilizing her services, stop what you’re doing and call her... it will totally change the way you think about your business and the way you think about yourself.”

Sharon Hall

“Vanessa is an incredible gifted organized speaker and presenter. And her knowledge base is phenomenal. So I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to change their game in their business… and their life.”

Emily Eldredge

“I also want to say that I love the people who Vanessa attracts. Everybody is wonderful and we’re all really good friends… and the reality is that we’re all in different places with our businesses and in our lives and with our struggles. There’s this beautiful feeling of nurturing and support and empathy within the group.”

Marika Messager

“After working with Vanessa, I had my highest month & year in 2017 – highest monthly income grew from 6,000 £ ($7,863) in 2016 to 25,000£ ($32,765) in 2017. I’m reaching a solid foundation in terms of revenue and offer so that I can take the business to the next level.”

James Kawainui

“I will have more than doubled my income in the last 2 years since starting with Vanessa and am close to cracking my first 6 figure year almost unheard of in the healing arts genre. Topped the 10k/mo revenue this year twice!!”

Russ Perry

“We continue to grow – last month we did $167,000 in sales.”

Shannon Wilson

“My biggest win of the year is going from a business that didn't exist at last year's Big Bold Event, to a fully operational coaching business with 3 high-end clients. My goal was to have one client by the end of the year and I have surpassed that goal.”

The Carsons

“Selling website services at a price that aligns with our new boutique pricing.

Record month for new prospects in October.”

One new strategy resulted in 30K new revenue.

Anthem Salgado

“Through working with Vanessa, I developed new critical abilities in marketing, sales, and recognizing new heights in the marketplace. I was able to earn more than twice what I had previously given what value I give to my clients.”

Kaveri Kathleen Sohnfoster

“I was pretty stuck and concerned about what direction to take in my business before the Money Breakthrough coaching with Vanessa Shaw. I had so many ideas swirling in my head that I couldn't figure out which was the best way to go. Also, I wasn't earning enough income to make ends meet or enough to save. During the coaching session, I became acutely aware of some past negative beliefs that my family had about money, and I was shocked to find out how those beliefs were keeping me from earning the income I want today. I loved that Vanessa was so completely in tune, aligned, listened and heard me, and then almost magically, through her gentle questions, the answers came to me with complete ease. I am so happy about my new expanded possibilities now that the previous stress and pressure have gone. Vanessa's coaching was far beyond what I've ever experienced with any coach. Since being in the Programme, May was a banner month for me. I more than doubled my income AND got 5 new clients!! The logjam has been released. It's all happening now and most importantly, I KNOW I can do this!!”

Kathleen Strand

“When I started working with Vanessa, my confidence was at an all time low after the economic downturn and a huge change in my personal situation. I honestly didn't know how I was going to turn my business around or if I even could..... I had owned my own business for quite some time and I remember thinking- this will be either the BEST thing I have ever done or the worst. And within months, thanks to Vanessa's masterful coaching, the support from peers in the ACCELERATE program and having the right strategies in place, I have been able to consistently increase my revenue 500%. This is just the beginning and now I have the tools, the confidence and the support to take it even further! The ABI weekends were particularly informative and fun, shedding new light on old problems, with great support from the other participants. My favorite takeaway is "How you do one thing, is how you do everything" I have enjoyed the comraderie, watching others grow in their businesses and being accountable. Vanessa's staff and family are all amazing and I feel very privileged to have been a part of her program!”

David Cooper

“In less than 3 months of working with Vanessa Shaw, I am amazed at just how much has been achieved for our company. We now have greater clarity on several areas of the business and an ideal client programme has been implemented. Also we have improved communication within the team, far more effective use of time on income-producing activities and dramatically increased levels of referrals. This has been the most profitable period that we've had in our business year to date and one that has happened during a shocking economy. The growth to our bottom line business has been 30%.”

Suzy Greaves

“I loved Vanessa’s course. It inspired me to radically change my business model from one-to-one coaching to group coaching. It’s working brilliantly! I love working one-to-one but if I wanted to grow my business, there would always be a limit if I exchanged time for money. By focussing on how I can deliver excellent content to lots of people, I am coming up with ingenious ways of delivery – and last month, created a course where over 90 people joined in one day. The power of the group to help and support each other is incredible. Seeing other people facing similar challenges allows my clients to realise they are not alone and not ‘crazy’. We are building a brilliant, supportive, honest and kind tribe that are championing each other. It’s everything I wanted my business to be.”

Natalie Wilkins

“I learned to define my niche and ideal client, making my marketing and sales so much easier and in less than 3 months and being brand new in business, I generated over $20,000 in income which is far more than I expected. I already have a busy coaching practice, and design and deliver workshops and seminars.”

Rich Campe

“Vanessa is an amazing business coach and entrepreneur who I would highly recommend to anyone serious about success. Her clarity of insight and intuition enable her to cut through the most complex issues. As a result of partnering with Vanessa she has had and continues to have a direct impact on our business resulting in tens of thousands in additional income, more free time and excitement about what we are creating for the future. As a business Coach myself I can honestly say she is a tremendous asset to anybody who is serious about growing their business.”

Mirella Deboni

“Since I have been working with Vanessa my business has improved in so many ways. Vanessa has helped me to be more organized in my daily routine and in my mindset. Vanessa has given me direction, support and encouragement. She has helped to create easy to follow systems in my business that have helped me to attract more clients. My income level has more than doubled in the first 3 months and I could not have done that without her. Moreover, I have a plan for how to continue to grow the business. I would recommend Vanessa Shaw as a Business Coach to anyone who is struggling in their business and hovering over the same income level because they don’t know what to do next. Vanessa is motivating, inspiring and such a lovely lady to work with.”

Stacy Patterson

“Before I started working with Vanessa, I was struggling in several parts of my business. I was working full-time and trying to get my coaching business off the ground. In addition, I wasn’t attracting the right clients, I wasn’t charging what I was worth and my confidence had faded. Vanessa helped me to increase my confidence… I feel like I can do anything. In less than 5 months of working with Vanessa, my business has grown exponentially, I left my full-time job, I am choosing the clients I want to work with, and I have increased my rates by 3 times the amount I was previously charging! Vanessa is a spectacular business mentor and honestly, working with her has been life changing for me!”

Sally Baker

“I realize that because of my coaching with you, and the growth that ensued, things have really changed. I’m learning how to ask the right questions to qualify prospects and signing up clients who pay well and are a joy to work with. I’m getting people to advocating for me, which is awesome and I’m holding a new space for real abundance, freedom and prosperity. It’s actually happening for me. I love how showing up differently and coming from a new vantage point lets me communicate differently and help my clients move forward in ways I could not have before. It’s such a great feeling!! Thank you Vanessa. I can’t wait for our next session!”

Victoria Trafton

“I didn’t know what to expect out of Design Lab but I knew two days with Vanessa and Robert Shaw in a small group setting would be invaluable to me and my business. The process was completely unknown to me and I learned by the end to trust the process. What I got was not what I thought I wanted, it was so much better and a really key element to grow my business. Thank you Vanessa and Robert for a great experience and delivering fantastic results!”

Elisa Mongeluzzi

“Working with Vanessa Shaw in her Business Design Lab is one of the best investments I have made as a social entrepreneur. I developed a shared vision and a plan, but something was holding me back.  Working exclusively with social service professionals did not give me the answers I needed to move forward.  I trusted Vanessa’s Powerful Promise about the Business Design Lab. I stepped out of my comfort zone and found my answers.

Many “coaches” I have been involved with feel they need to be brutally honest, not Vanessa.  Vanessa acts out of dignity and integrity.  Vanessa provides a dignified, honest assessment of your situation. With her business acumen, her gift of listening deeply and by asking powerful questions, Vanessa gave me the space and permission to answer and act with honesty and integrity. Now I understand the limiting beliefs holding me back. I have a path and I have stepped into my truth. Thank you Vanessa!”