Want to provide greater value? Start by valuing yourself.

Want to provide greater value? Start by valuing yourself.

Earlier this week I was teaching our ACCELERATE Program members about the importance of providing great value. A key lesson that is seldom taught in entrepreneurship programs is this:

In order to provide great value to your clients, you need to first fully value yourself, your unique gifts and the experience you bring to the table.

Traditionally we’ve been conditioned to look to “external” factors to boost how we value ourselves and measure our self-worth. We attended schools where we were graded against each other; our parents rewarded us (or not!) if we "behaved" correctly; in our jobs, we have performance reviews to obtain a certain salary or promotion within a company and we're very used to getting concrete validation and 'valuations' in the form of recognition and awards.

That’s not to say that these external factors aren’t important as a way of measuring and increasing our own sense of value but what happens when we enter the world of entrepreneurship and no longer receive these kinds of external validation in the form we’ve grown accustomed to?

Entrepreneurship is probably one of the toughest (and most rewarding) journeys you can embark upon. When fear, doubt and worry creep in (and believe me, they will), you'll need a strong sense of your own personal self-worth and a rock solid foundation to support you in those toughest of times.

It’s guaranteed that as you step up in a business, you will also receive criticism and judgment from the outside world – often from surprising places. Trying to keep everyone happy is typically never a recipe for success in business but a strong sense of self-worth and personal value will help you navigate these challenges.

The secret to building a rock solid sense of personal value and worth lies inside of you. First and foremost, take stock of your unique qualities, strengths and talents, all the life experiences you’ve had to date, the lessons you’ve learned, the successes you’ve had – essentially everything that has contributed to making you the amazing and unique person you are right here today.

I challenged our ACCELERATE Program members to make a list of at least 30 different things that made them valuable and of service to others. It's a great exercise. When you can see written down in black and white the sum of your life experiences you quickly see just how much value you are bringing to the table – all wrapped up in the amazing and unique person you are today.

You bring so much more to your client work than the title you give yourself. It’s time to stand fully in your own personal worth and honor that light in you that wants to shine!


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