The Business Growth Academy is for successful entrepreneurs and business owners who are committed to achieving their biggest goals and unapologetically enjoying an amazing lifestyle.

Our unique coaching programs start with a focus on you the business leader – your big dreams, bold vision, personal and business goals. We provide you with the focus, the tools, with the support and accountability to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Ready to play bigger now? Let's talk.



Our 8-Week Business Upgrade program for high-achieving service professionals and entrepreneurs who want to add $30k–$100k+ in new revenue in a short time.

Over 83 businesses have joined our fast-track ELITE program, and collectively generated more than $13.07 million in new business in just a matter of weeks

Our fast-track 100 day program focused on revenue generation

Small group of maximum 12 peers for accountability with objective weekly tracking

Weekly Accountability Sessions (for setting goals, tracking, and accountability

Weekly Action Coaching Sessions (to boost revenue week-by-week)

One-on-One Private Coaching for maximum results

The Profit Maximizer – a unique financial model customized for your business that reveals inefficiencies, profit opportunities, and how to grow your business without losing your sanity

The Rapid Revenue Accelerator - identify where are you leaving money on the table and define the fastest path to cash with the perfect prospect, offer, and pricing mix

Streamlined Client Attraction System – “from interested to invested” – how to turn high quality prospects into high paying clients using simple and proven marketing strategies

Expert Specialized Trainings including full access to our Training Vault

Private 24/7 Facebook Group


We love it when our clients get great results. Hear it in their own words.

Dafne Tsarkiris

“When I signed up for ELITE I had hit a ceiling in my business. A ceiling on income and a ceiling on leads and I knew something had to give for me to be able to grow. Turns out the thing I needed was Vanessa's ELITE program. It unclogged everything in my business and within my first ELITE I grew my business by 200%.

When I went into ELITE I was at $12,500/month. Fired two “beer” clients who were draining to work with, which brought me to $8,500/month and within 3 months I was hitting $40K + months!! That I am sustaining easily.

I went straight into another ELITE and grew my business another 200%. The beautiful thing is that what I have learned from ELITE I can continue applying over and over again and I am continuing watching my business grow like crazy. From being a solopreneur with a good concept to now - a team of six, booming growth and on track to hit my 3 year goal of $500k in the next 12 months!”

Christina Howard

“I joined the ELITE 100 Day Business Accelerator because I was looking for a way to grow my business without putting in longer hours.

I set myself a modest new revenue goal because I had no idea how I was going to achieve it. 100 days later I had exceeded my goal by double and was supported in generating $70,850 in new business.

In ELITE, I was surrounded by smart, engaged, and focused business owners all working toward similar goals - it was energizing and fast-paced. The magic of ELITE is certainly the knowledge and mentoring of Vanessa, Dana, and the team, as well as the community of leaders they bring together to go on the journey with them. There is something to learn from everyone - the growth can be exponential if you are owning your experience. ELITE helped to shift my thinking in a lot of areas and that made it one of the best investments I’ve made to get my business to the next level! I highly recommend it for all business owners looking to scale their business without losing their sanity!”

Whitney McDuff

“When we first met, she looked at the business and said (as cool as a cucumber in her beautiful British accent), "Whitney I easily see $100K sitting in your business right now that you're not accessing. Do you trust that I can help you find it? "

I took a leap.

Fast forward six weeks.

Not only have I made back the money I invested in her (within the first week) I have gone on to close another $40K in business.

More than the money though, Vanessa's coaching has given me the space and freedom to ask questions, raise prices, and have uncomfortable and necessary conversations.

Her coaching held space for me to recognize how the trauma of losing my mom was impacting my business.

Her coaching is helping me learn HOW to prioritize me, get feedback, set boundaries, and do the things I want and need to do to grow my business in a way that doesn't burn me out.

The extra income has allowed me to plan vacations with my family and book mastermind trips with my coaches, clients, and allies.

It's allowed me to create the income I need to hire more of the coaches and team members I want to work with.

Thank you Vanessa Shaw, for seeing what I couldn't see and pushing me to leap.”


Our comprehensive 12 month Program for business owners with revenues of $250K+ and ready to scale to $1 million and beyond

Virtual VIP day and private coaching with Vanessa Shaw

Private Financial Coaching to increase profit and facilitate scaling decisions

Access to the entire Business Growth Academy Specialist Coaching Team as needed

A community of high performing peers for accountability and objective feedback

Expert Specialized Trainings including full access to our Training Vault

Three in-person 2-day Business Retreats in January, May & September focused on leadership, business development, and execution.

9 Boardroom Sessions (for setting goals, tracking, and accountability)

9 CEO Tools Sessions (to build new concepts for systems and scaling)

Developing a High Performing Team

Build Systems and Automation to Scale

Private 24/7 Facebook Group

BONUS: Up to three ELITE 100-Day Business Accelerators for you or a key team member to attend


We love it when our clients get great results. Hear it in their own words.

Traci Kincaid

“Giving myself permission to support my personal and professional growth by participating in the Business Growth Academy program is the best decision I've ever made. This program and the personal coaching I've received as part of it have provided clarity to my business vision and mission and helped me develop more confidence in my business development efforts. Since first attending Vanessa's Business Growth Intensive two months ago, I've signed seven new clients, bringing an additional $50,000 to my bottom line. I highly recommend Vanessa and her team to any business owner looking to take their business to the next level.”

Nancy Hetrick

“I’ve worked with Vanessa for 2½ years and have seen my revenues increase from $220k per year to over $600k! Results speak for themselves. The community is amazing and I've gotten as much from the community as I have from Vanessa and her team. If you know you were meant to be a successful entrepreneur but can't seem to get traction, Vanessa will be the best decision you ever made!”

Helen Kim

“There is no question that had I not made the investment in myself and my business earlier this year, I would have gone down an entirely wrong path. I would have been running from my area of genius by targeting the wrong clients, with the wrong service package and would have created a business model I simply would not have been able to sustain. Vanessa's team worked with me to get really clear on who I best serve, with the right product at an investment level I'm worthy of. They kept me accountable and helped me lay the foundation for a successful year with just the right amount of encouragement, structure, resources, and much more at just the right time!

This team has worked with me to create some powerful mindset shifts that have allowed me to truly believe in myself and what is possible. In fact, I've already exceeded what I thought would be possible this year alone. In just 9 months of working together I have not only made more than I did in all of last year, I've already more than doubled what I did last year and am on track to triple it.”


Our VIP STRATEGY DAY is for the high-achieving entrepreneur who knows they are meant to play bigger, has business fundamentals in place and is ready to immediately accelerate their success into a new level of leadership, income and impact.

Our VIP STRATEGY DAYS are an intensive and full immersion program where you will join Vanessa and Robert Shaw to cover months of coaching and strategic planning – in just one day. They typically take place at our DC Ranch Country Club in Scottsdale, Arizona – located approximately 30 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

In a VIP STRATEGY DAY, you get ALL of our attention, energy, creativity, money mastery, and business savvy – focused totally on YOU and your business. We’ll map out a customized plan to take your business to the next level in the following year, including your mindset, your financial goals, your offers, your visibility and more. You'll also get a written report and photos that provide a detailed overview of your experience.

And because a great plan requires execution to achieve your next level of success, you’ll be coaching with Vanessa privately for 60 days afterwards to implement the plan that what we've co-created together.


We love it when our clients get great results. Hear it in their own words.

Doug Striker

“As CEO and Chief of Business Development for the company that I own, I was always operating as if everything was on replay. I had gotten into a routine that gave me very little personal time and led to poor sleep habits. I had a hard time accepting any win as a win; all I did was grind away with no movement.

All of this was becoming potentially destructive to my personal relationships.

Thanks to my work in ELITE, I was able to gain perspective as to what my real job actually is: head of business development. I realized I had to focus my attention on that main task. Once I had established those guardrails, I understood:

  • Who my perfect prospect and imperfect prospects were
  • What my target market is and what it is not
  • How to leverage my power partners
  • How to say no to clients
  • How to create more touch points with existing clientsv
  • How to serve our existing clients at a higher level

I also learned that my goal was progress, not perfection.

I most enjoyed the results! I now understand the importance of taking time and space to focus on the personal, how to re-energize my motivation, and how to get to a place of momentum.

ELITE was just the thing I needed at the right time.”

Katie Spencer

“In the ELITE 100 Day Business Accelerator I dialled in my ideal clients, created and launched a brand new program AND generated over $174k in new revenue.

This system works and I'm now on track to quadruple my revenue this year without working harder!

Vanessa and her team are one of the best investments you can make in your business!”

Lisa Clore

“Since starting ELITE, I have created just over $20,000 in new revenue and secured 8 new clients. My biggest win for the 1st Quarter of 2020 is reinvigorating my entrepreneurial spirit and forming my own law firm. With the coaching, accountability and support of the ELITE program, in business strategy and development, but also vitally, mindset, I have had the confidence to jump into a new venture and build a service-centered law firm on my own terms.”