WINNING AT WEALTH – Income Acceleration for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

This is a dynamic 7-week program designed to end the financial and emotional roller coaster that many business leaders and entrepreneurs face.

  • Are you tired of struggling to make ends meet?
  • Are you frustrated that after all these years in business your bank balance still doesn’t reflect your hard work and expertise?
  • Are you worried about living from month to month (and sometimes week to week) and praying that you won’t have any emergencies?
  • Are you envious of others who appear to be better off than you and wondering what the heck is their secret to success?
  • Are you ready to end the financial and emotional roller coaster and finally start winning at wealth and living the lifestyle you dream of?

Winning at wealth doesn’t have to mean continuous struggle or working even harder than you already are. It’s entirely possible to earn fabulous income doing the work you love, living the lifestyle you desire and serving the world in more powerful way.

But how you view money will need to shift first….

Money is the lifeblood of any business and without it your passion to do great work in the world will rapidly disappear. Lack of it money creates a lot of stress, worry and anxiety as well as playing havoc with your close relationships. Having more money gives you more choices. Choices create new opportunities and give you greater financial ease and peace of mind.

Imagine having the freedom to decide which schools you want your children to attend. Imagine having the choice to travel the world on your own terms and to stay in great hotels. Imagine the choice of selecting the home you want for your family in the neighborhood you want. Imagine the choice to give back more and contribute generously to the causes that are close to your own heart.

The stark reality of many business leaders and entrepreneurs is that they crave a freedom-based lifestyle and making a bigger difference in the world but find themselves constantly worried about a lack of financial resources.

Your business cannot thrive on strategy and marketing tactics alone. It’s never the perfect product or service, sales pitch, attractive opt-in or most creative marketing strategy that will win the game of wealth. In fact, you can have several business owners implementing the same set of strategies but only a few of them will be financially successful. Why is that? It’s because their personal relationship with money and comfort level with receiving greater wealth in their lives is more closely aligned with the vision of success they want to achieve.

Your current financial results are a direct reflection of your relationship with money and if you’re not in love with your results, then you need to transform your relationship with money first. Your relationship with money determines the lifestyle you lead, the impact you make and the amount of freedom you’ll enjoy. Most people mistakenly think that making more money will stop the financial roller coaster but unfortunately that can make the problem worse (meaning a problem with more zeros and bigger dollars!) – you must be willing to address the root cause if you want your finances to flourish.

We all have a relationship with money and we all have an “inherited” money story that prevents us from achieving the freedom and impact we want. WINNING AT WEALTH was developed for business leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to making a big difference in the world and know that in order to make a bigger difference they first have to be able to make a difference in their own lives to create financial flow and ease.

Why Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Need the WINNING AT WEALTH Program

Money touches every aspect of our life, yet most people tend to have an unhealthy relationship with it – either avoidance, not being able to stand on their own 2 financial feet, overly penny pinching or overly impulsive when it comes to spending or naively thinking that your money situation will miraculously sort itself out one day. If you can’t count on money to be there when you want it then it’s guaranteed to bring you a lot of unnecessary stress, worry and anxiety.

After air and water, money is probably our next most important need, considering it is essential for sustaining us with the basics such as shelter and food. It is also the lifeblood of any sustainable business and simply put, if a business owner can’t master money, they will not remain in business for long. WINNING AT WEALTH is a holistic approach to wealth and money that combines insight with action. Derived from lessons learned in the real-world trenches, the practical knowledge shared comes from years of hands-on experience, not from textbooks or theoretical teaching. With this approach, entrepreneurs will experience a shift in how they view money and discover practical tools that can be implemented immediately to increase their income and provide tangible results.


  1. Develop a Wealthy Mindset: This module lays the foundation for bringing in more wealth and money into your business. It begins with shifting how we think.
  2. Build a Winning Future: This module focuses on creating a future that is distinctly different from the past and understanding how the past is holding us back.
  3. Discover your Unique Money Personality: This modules examines different money personalities - which are you?
  4. Shatter your Financial Glass Ceiling: This module is about discovering your financial set point, understanding your financial numbers and raising your financial standards.
  5. Overcome Financial Sabotage and Clean up Money Messes: This module tackles how we sabotage our finances that typically create even more stress.
  6. Create the Wealth That You are Worth: This module delves into how the level of your wealth is directly related to how much you value yourself and your services.
  7. Put Your Wealth into Action: This module examines how we think about money and why a new set of habits, actions and way of being are needed to change your income levels.

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