Meet Freddie

I want to introduce you to Freddie.

I’m pretty sure you already know Freddie.

He had a very loud voice inside my head for years.

It sounded something like this:

  • “Who do you think you are?”
  • “You’re going to be found out”
  • “If people scratch beneath the surface, they’ll find out you’re a fake and don’t know what you’re doing”

Freddie the Fraud is the name I affectionately gave to the saboteur who was running havoc in my own mind.

I tried many attempts at quietening Freddie including drawing him to make him easier to recognize.

He was small with a mustache (a bit like Mario from the Nintendo game!!!).

And he was mischievous as heck. He would show up at the most inconvenient times and he especially loved to strike when I was tired and worn out because he knew that I’d be easy prey for the trap he’d set for me.

The trap was one that would get me second-guessing and doubting myself and not making the type of progress I knew I could be making.

Then I discovered the secret to putting Freddie back in his corner where he belonged.

And the good news is that it isn't rocket science nor some clever psychological trick.

All that was needed was a clear and practical business growth plan for the next 90 days. Once I took action and started seeing new results happening in my business, Freddie was forced to take a back seat.

The reason Freddie kept appearing is that I wasn’t showing up seriously as the business owner and CEO of my business. He knew exactly what my achilles heel was because the truth is I didn’t have a clearly written down plan to grow my business.

And I’m surprised at how many business owners are operating in the dark without any real plan (with their own version of Freddie constantly in their heads).

Perhaps that’s you? Loads of great ideas but not sure what to do 1st, 2nd and 3rd to get the best results?

Let’s change that for you and get you crystal clear on your main priorities to get more clients and earn more income.


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