Is your business filled with champagne clients?

Is your business filled with champagne clients?

Every business is looking to attract and enroll more clients but the question that is frequently overlooked is what type of clients do you want to attract? Are you looking to fill your business with average and ordinary clients or do you want to fill it with high-end clients?

In our work with private clients, we often refer to high-end clients as “champagne” clients and they are defined by these 3 criteria:

  • What makes them a champagne client is that you love working with them, they are up to great work in the world and you know you can help them make some significant changes.
  • They are long-term clients – they understand that the real work of creating significant change and fabulous results does not happen overnight and they value working with you for a year or more.
  • They are willing to invest more time, energy and money to achieve the long term changes they are seeking.

Many business owners understand the idea of attracting high-end clients but they mistakenly believe that this is a long-term strategy. They’re waiting to gain more experience, feel ready or have all of their programs and offers perfectly designed. In the meantime though this can lead to a major cash crunch or starting to feel jaded by working with less than ideal clients who drain energy, don’t show up fully and don’t pay that well (or on time) either!

Working with champagne clients rapidly accelerates your business growth because it causes you to step up now, get beyond your own excuses and also start seeing results in your own business a lot quicker (and easier!)

Here are 3 quick steps to help you clarify what types of clients you’re currently attracting into your business.

Step 1 – list all of your clients in terms of how much they invest to work with you, how much fun they are to work with and the types of goals they want to achieve.

Step 2 – identify just how much time and energy is required on your part to serve those clients. Think phone-calls, consulting/coaching sessions, emails, questions, reports, following up on payments, chasing them up on assignments etc.

Step 3 – now categorize each client into non-ideal clients, average clients or dream clients.

How would your business shift if you could fill it with only champagne clients? More importantly though, what needs to change in you in order for that to happen?


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