Is the Blue Monday bug likely to get you?

Is the Blue Monday bug likely to get you?

While social scientists and psychologists may disagree about the phenomenon that has become known as “Blue Monday”, you only need to look at your own life and those close to you to know that there is more than an ounce of truth to it.

Blue Monday (which is a day occurring somewhere between mid and end January) is considered one of the lowest points of the year when New Year’s resolutions have already failed (or never even started), weather in many places around the globe can be pretty bleak, divorce and debt increase after the holidays (or perhaps as a result of the holidays!) and all that positive resolve to be healthier, wealthier and happier is rapidly fading.

Why would you think you’d be any more successful with your resolutions this year?

Well you won’t – unless of course you’re willing to approach them differently. For the large majority of people, 2014 will be pretty much the same as 2013 – we are creatures of habit and unfortunately that also means that a lot of negative habits will simply stay the same and become even deeper ingrained.

So instead of setting resolutions, my invitation to you is to commit to raising your own standards for your life by following this 2 step exercise:

1)  Identify what you are currently tolerating in your life

You need to get rid of tolerations in order to raise your standards because tolerations act like gravity and pull you back down to earth again (often with a not-so-pleasant bump).

Have you ever tried running a marathon with a tiny stone in your shoe? It’s guaranteed to get your attention, niggle away at you, slow you down and if left unattended will start to really take its toll on your feet and your performance.

What are you tolerating in your life and business that needs to stop in order for you to end 2014 in a very different place from where you are now?

2)  Where will you stop and sabotage your best efforts?

Sticking with the marathon analogy – where will you stop yourself? Will you think about it and never get started? Will you get started and then lack consistent action that prevents you from gaining any real momentum?  Or will you start to give up when you are close to the finish line? And what excuses will you make to justify your stopping?

Knowing where you stop is key to raising your standards this year. Think of every other time you’ve set yourself some new goals or resolutions and if you didn’t achieve them, what was it that caused you to stop.  Persevering beyond your own “stopping” point is key to raising your standards.

Making big bold changes alone isn’t easy (otherwise everyone would be doing it!).  If you are serious about making 2014 an extraordinary year for you and your business then schedule a time to speak with me directly about how you can get started by clicking here.

It’s time to play bigger!


P.S. Is procrastination something you are tolerating? If so book a time to speak with me NOW.


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