How to State Your Fees

Have you ever wondered how to state your fees with confidence and communicate value?

We have been talking about money conversations. Particularly some of those money conversations that can cause you to squirm and feel awkward. But this is a place for growth for you and your business, and you'll never be able to take your business to the next level if you don't start to build that money muscle around this particular topic.

How to State Your Fees

One place I see a lot of business owners struggling with, and you may be as well, is how to state your fees. You state your fees and then all of a sudden you find yourself apologizing for it. All of a sudden you start to talk the person out of it, or they give discounts, or you start to throw in the bonuses. There's a whole load of crazy nervousness that happens around stating fees.

And the simple tip, the best tip that I was given years ago in my business, is just to state your fees confidently and then remain silent. Just say nothing else. Just create the space there for your prospect to actually process what they've just heard, start to think about if they want to say yes. They may have some questions. But don't start to muddy those waters with all of your awkwardness that comes up around stating your fees.

Stating Your Fees with Confidence

So the quick tip for today is - next time that you are talking money in business, I want you to start to build your own self-awareness around what actually happens each time you speak about money.

Do you find yourself fumbling over the words? Do you find yourself wanting to avoid those questions? Do you find yourself kind of discounting, or giving away, or giving tons of bonuses or just kind of getting weird and awkward?

The first place is to notice how you show up in those money conversations so that you can start to clean up around those money conversations, too.


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