How to Craft a Powerful Marketing Message

One of my clients was feeling overwhelmed with the marketing she had to do, knowing full well that she's speaking to lots of people. She did not quite know how to craft a powerful marketing message.

Crafting A Marketing Message

Her question was specifically about writing some emails to her list, to her database; about offering some new products and services. She said that she felt all over the place because she's not entirely sure of what's the message that she wanted to share.

How does she relate it to everybody? She was concerned about missing people, as her message has become generic.

I get it.

That's often a challenge when we're marketing our services.

We're trying to please everybody, and kind of capture everybody that we want to communicate with. And all of a sudden, that message becomes very generic and very vanilla, and it can get missed. It's not meaningful for the people we really want to be communicating to.

How to Craft a Powerful Marketing Message

So I said to her: "What if you were to imagine that you were speaking and sending that message to ONE ideal client? Who is the ideal client that you believe this is really for? Let's imagine what it's like to get into her world, her thoughts, into her emotions. And let's just speak to her."

And the minute I said that, all of a sudden her stress became reduced. She knew exactly who it is that she wants to speak to. She was able to imagine that person, craft a clear message and send that email out to hundreds of people in a database.

So I want you to think about how is this relevant for you.

Create Your Powerful Marketing Message

Where are you trying to communicate your message too broadly? Trying to keep everybody happy and it's getting you into a state of overwhelm?

As opposed to thinking about, who is the one person here that you want to communicate to?

What is the message that they would really want to hear?

As you're writing, or speaking, or shooting videos, think of that one person and then craft your message from there.


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  1. David Pilsworth 5 years ago

    Hi Vanessa, great to listen to you today, much appreciated.
    I have just launched a new version of my latest book "After the Flood and Beyond" which for the US market had to be twice as big and better than the UK version. So, yes I have different books for different markets, costs a bit more but publishing is so cheap with Amazon.
    No, I'm not trying to sell you my book, but enjoy looking at your videos, to see how we are aging together, and you do have a better tan than in Switzerland.
    Many thanks,

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