How to Add Conversion Events to Your Marketing Strategy

How to Add Conversion Events to Your Marketing Strategy

Since the day I re-launched my business in the USA, events have been a core part of my marketing strategy. They have allowed me to connect with new people, build meaningful relationships and convert new clients I would not have otherwise reached, even when I was just starting out and knew nobody!!! It’s for all these reasons that I fully believe everyone should use conversion events as a major piece of their overall marketing strategy.

I know it’s easy to become overwhelmed at the idea of hosting events. However, I’d like to share with you how easy it is to make events a part of your growth strategy.

Why are conversion events so valuable?

If your business is entirely online it’s easy to forget the immense value in face-to-face contact. However, whether you are trying to build relationships with potential clients or generate new partnership opportunities, nothing connects people more quickly and more deeply than meeting in person. And events are the perfect way to make that happen.

When  you are at the front of a room you are immediately positioned as the “expert” and  a person of influence  in the eyes of the attendees. If you then build on that by sharing valuable content that can truly improve somebody’s life or business, you’ve got the start of a winning strategy.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to throw large events to be successful. Your event could vary in size from very small with just two or three people to very large, which is what makes them appropriate for all businesses.

Some of the events that we have held or seen our clients hold are seminars, business parties, intimate wine and wisdom events, or co-hosted events with partners. The wonderful thing is that no matter which event you choose to add to your marketing strategy, all of them accomplish the same thing: forming new connections and developing relationships.


Seminars are a wonderful way to position yourself as an authority figure in your industry and grow your list of clients.

This style of learning event is typically between 60 and 90 minutes in length and involves you standing at the front of the room sharing valuable content. Your presentation will typically end with a call to action, ideally in the form of a special, time-sensitive offer.

If you are interested in this format for an event, it’s important that you take into consideration the time of day that’s most appropriate for your audience. If you’re targeting executives, for example, you wouldn’t want to hold the seminar in the middle of the day when they’re busy. For this audience, evening may be more appropriate.

If you don’t want to throw an evening event you could schedule it for the morning. This popular format is often called a “power breakfast” and is usually held between seven and nine.

Business Party

Have you ever attended a traditional networking event where the goal seemed to be exchanging cards with everyone in the room before the evening was over? These events always feel more like a speed dating event than a professional networking opportunity, and, for this reason, many people find them to be exhausting and not necessarily worth the effort.

A business party is different. Yes, people are there to network, but primarily they are there to socialize and enjoy themselves while developing deeper, more meaningful relationships.

You also have the opportunity to share content at a business party and, like a seminar, position yourself as an authority.

There are actually a number of different ways you could use this format to grow your business. You could use it to bring your existing clients together as a show of appreciation. You could also use to generate new opportunities by asking clients to bring their connections with them to the event. You could even create alliances with other businesses and co-host a business party, sharing the cost and marketing expenses while significantly increasing the size of the event.

Which brings me to another type of event…

Co-Hosting Events with Partners

Partnering with someone else who has complimentary services is a brilliant way to expand your reach and find new clients. Since your businesses are targeting the same audience, you can share the expense of marketing the event and reach more people. This is especially beneficial if you have any concerns about filling the room or if you aren’t comfortable in front of a crowd. However, if you are someone who wants to lead and enjoys being on stage, I encourage you to own that.<

The key to making this event successful is ensuring that both businesses, while serving the same audience, have very distinct services. There cannot be any competition for clients.

Wine and Wisdom

While somewhat higher in cost and slightly more complex than other events, a wine and wisdom event can produce phenomenal results when done correctly.

When we held this type of event, we invited a small group of people to join us at our country club here in Arizona. I shared valuable content I knew the attendees would find useful and, since it was a more intimate setting, they had the opportunity for live Q & A. We kept the event relatively brief, only 90 minutes, and with our budget of approximately $500 we generated $20,000 in sales.

And what’s more, everyone enjoyed the opportunity to learn and network in the relaxed, intimate environment!

Final Thoughts

I highly encourage you to consider adding events to your marketing strategy and shift out of the one-on-one model. People are hungry for learning and transformation and they love the opportunity to connect in person with other like-minded professionals.

On top of that, events can transform your income. When done well, events can easily bring in 5- or 6-figures, with large events bringing in 7-figures. Even more, events are genuinely fun! It’s like throwing a party. And if you’re looking for improved visibility with your business, this is your moment to shine!


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