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This month's article is a little different as I thought you'd appreciate hearing how one of my clients, Julie Courtney, went from struggling to doubling her income! Here's my recent interview with her.

Julie, you're the Founder and Managing Director of Atrium Synergies and I know you have a real passion for helping others to achieve higher performance and minimize stress in their lives. What is your bigger vision for making a difference in the world through your work?

Resilience for all. I believe if you can develop Resilience then you can get all the other great things in life – health, well-being, high performance, harmonious family life. My mission in life is to remind everyone they have a pause button – they just need to know how and when to use it. I hope to do this in the corporate world through my business Atrium Synergies and the programmes I am partnering with some large organisations to develop. I also intend to finish my own self- help book this year and go to print.

Prior to joining my Platinum Business Building Program, what were you most struggling with in your own business?

I had great vision, passion and enthusiasm but needed some structure to take this from a concept to reality. The programme had some very clear steps to help put the great infrastructure in place as the foundations of a strong business.

What were some of the key changes you made as a result of that program?

I moved my concept from a reality to an operating business with great newsletters, created a virtual team whilst being supported by them to problem solve and help develop things from an email campaign wording to corporate proposals. I doubled my fee structure and was able to create different programmes including an accelerated and longer term programme giving clients more than one option and entry level. I was attracting my ideal client due to clearer marketing language so enjoyed my work even more. My revenue for the 2nd year of business will be finalised in April. However, I already know that I have more than doubled my revenue in year 2 of business.

Who are the ideal clients that you now work with and what has that changed for you?

My ideal clients are professionals from within financial services, who are aware of the pressure of their commercial playing field – they are starting to feel pressurised and ready to turn this stress into an asset and return to high performance. I walk out of every 1:1 coaching session with a great sense of satisfaction because I know my methods if applied work.

[blockquote author="Julie Courtney, Founder and Managing Director, Atrium Synergies" align="pull-right right"]“My mission in life is to remind everyone they have a pause button – they just need to know how and when to use it.”[/blockquote]We all have places of resistance. Would you be willing to share the number one activity you resisted but have now successfully overcome?

Discussing fees!

What was the biggest mindset shift you needed to make?

I am a successful businesswoman, mother and wife and I can and do have it all.

What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to take their business to the next level?

Mindset shift as much as passion, enthusiasm and a great idea is key. I love what I do. However, in order to create a steady flow of clients a lot needs to happen and even once you get that infrastructure in place if there are any "niggles" in your own internal language they will show up. Any business will show the good, the bad, and the great of its leader so being open to continuously improving yourself is essential.

How can our audience find out more about your services?

Go to

Thanks so much Julie for sharing your success story and I'm sure you'll be reaching even greater heights in 2013!

And if YOU need help getting a new focus on your big bold business goals for 2013, please contact us!


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