Firing Clients and When to Do It

Firing Clients and When to Do It

I'm going to share with you a rather awkward tip today that's often not talked about - firing clients.

We're often talking about growing business and attracting more clients, right? That's often what we're in business for ... we want more clients. But what about the notion of firing clients?

Firing Clients and When to Do It

When clients have really become difficult; when perhaps they've got unreasonable expectations; they're becoming entitled. Anything you do is never going to be good enough.

My videographer and I were just chatting about this in the break between videos here. She said we need to talk about firing clients because the truth is it's a really awkward place to go. She shared with me that she's only ever had to do it once, thankfully. However, she shared that it was so liberating.

And that is the reality. It is really liberating and freeing, because as we step into our power and say, “This is no longer something I'm willing to tolerate” ... on the other side of it, you're going to free up so much more energy for the types of clients you really do want to work with.

Firing Clients You No Longer Want to Work With

And this is one I teach our own clients when they're struggling with this. They admit that they feel like they need the money. Or they are concerned about their reputation. All of these concerns that come up when we need to terminate a client.

One of the truths I always stand in at that moment is just to say, “We need to release something of a lower nature. Something that's not serving us so that we can attract something of a higher nature.”

And the same goes for clients as well. It's something for you to look at.

Look at your clients right now.

What Are You Tolerating?

The ones that are really demanding; that are draining energy; that are costing you probably a lot of money. A lot of emotional stress. Possibly they're being disrespectful to your team as well.

That's something I simply won't tolerate in my business. And ask yourself, “Is it time to actually fire some clients so that you can actually hire some new better ones?”


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