Feeling Overwhelmed? Here's What You Need to Look at in Your Business

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here's What You Need to Look at in Your Business

One of the things I frequently hear from small business owners and entrepreneurs is feeling overwhelmed. They are overwhelmed and overloaded. Just too much to do in their business. 

How to Minimize Feeling Overwhelmed

First and foremost, I think it's the nature of us, entrepreneurs, to always see a ton of opportunity. Have a ton of ideas. To be really creative. All that can create a sense of feeling overwhelmed. We see so many different ways to do things.

Honestly, for me, it really comes down to the business structure that's lacking.

If you're constantly feeling overwhelmed, something is wrong. Every business is going to go up and down. I get it. Every business is going to have those moments when there's a lot of balls in the air. A lot of plates spinning at the same time. You just have to navigate through it.

However, if this is a constant feeling for you in your business, then it's something structurally wrong.

What's Wrong with the Structure?

Let me share a couple of tips with you.

It probably means that you've got unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved. As well as unrealistic expectations of the time and the resources that you've got. Perhaps you are a small business owner with a small team. You may have unrealistic expectations as to what can be delivered and achieved in the time that you've got, with the people that you've got. I see that a lot with our clients.

The other thing is, you probably haven't learned to say NO as often as you should. It's so important to really understand what are you saying NO to. Your YESes will become more important.

The Important Things You Need to Have

Every person I speak to has a massive "to do" list. The one thing they don't have is a "not to do" list. Get really clear on what you are NOT doing. What you're saying NO to as a business owner is crucial to reducing the sense of feeling overwhelmed.

Another thing that is often lacking with small business owners from a structural perspective is that they haven't worked out what their vision is for the year.

What are the key goals that you want to achieve?

Have you broken it down into 90-day plans? If not, you may never have a sense of what you are looking to achieve. You may not know the exact steps that you need to take. 

Everything runs into one whole pit of things that need to be addressed in your business and it has you feeling overwhelmed. It doesn't help you feel like you've got a sense of accomplishment, either. It makes you feel like your to-do list just gets longer and longer.

How to Address Feeling Overwhelmed

  1. I want you to think about what's really lacking in your business. Have you just got unrealistic expectations and you're constantly setting yourself up for failure and frustration? I suggest you lower the bar... I'm not suggesting that you lower the bar on the quality that you deliver, but that you start to lower the bar on unrealistic expectations. To set yourself up for success!
  2. Secondly, what do you need to say NO to? Start really thinking about where do you need to say no, so that your yeses actually become more valuable.
  3. And then thirdly, how are you running your business? What's the structure? Do you have a clear game plan for the year? Are you mapping out your business in 90-day segments so that you've got that shorter-term focus? And then... even bringing that down into 30-day game plans?

All the above will help you feel a sense of accomplishment and reduce feeling overwhelmed.


I’ve been exactly where you are. I know what it feels like when deep down inside you know you were destined for more but things aren’t going fast enough or you’re feeling stuck or frustrated.

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