One Day • Uplevel Yourself • Uplevel Your Business

June 7, 2019

Venue 8600 • Scottsdale, Arizona


Calling all ambitious business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, visionaries & thought leaders to join me on June 7th in North Scottsdale, Arizona.

If you’re NEW to business, not sure about your own gifts and talents and constantly doubt your own abilities, this event is NOT for you.

However, if you’ve ALREADY enjoyed a level of business success and know that you’re here to make a difference in the world and experience an extraordinary life, then READ ON.

You’ve created a successful business. But how you’re currently doing business is no longer working.

  • Long hours.
  • Way too many things on your “to do” list.
  • Things falling between the cracks.
  • What was working previously is no longer working.
  • Busy has been replaced with crazy.

You may be experiencing breakdowns in relationships, finances, health or losing your passion.

In fact the more successful you are in business, the more likely you are to be experiencing breakdowns. And it’s a good thing, trust me!

It means that you are ready for a breakthrough and ready to UPLEVEL.

Your business will only grow by the amount you are willing to grow yourself...

You’re invited to step up. To play bigger.

You’re being invited to evolve to your next level of leadership.

It’s an opportunity to UPLEVEL beyond what you previously thought was possible. To stand out from the crowd and truly lead your business from a new place of empowerment.

The next level in business requires a new YOU.

  • It requires a completely new mindset.
  • It requires taking new actions.
  • Most importantly it involves a new level of being.

And trying to work harder or do more of the same will NOT get you to the next level.

What is UPLEVEL and what will you walk away with?

The definition of a real breakthrough involves creating a new experience for yourself.

It is a leap forward, a quantum leap – and a step in the right direction. And this last part is the most important one. The right direction.

Breakthroughs happen first on the inside and then coupled with massive action in the right direction – the new experience happens.

Most people simply don’t understand the internal process of creating a breakthrough. There is no way to avoid it. You must navigate it, with caution.

Are you ready to unleash the powerful business leader inside of you?

What are the signs that you may be on the verge of a breakthrough?

  • Lack of clarity
  • Cloudy vision
  • Overwhelm
  • Drama & Distractions
  • Feeling frustrated and bumping up against an invisible glass ceiling
  • Working really hard yet not getting the results you want
  • Deep sense of knowing that something must change yet you’re not sure what to change
  • Feeling unfulfilled and...bored
  • Frustrated that “success” is not happening quickly enough
  • Fear of either success or failure
  • Knowing you’re playing small even when others consider you to be a success

In less than one year working with Vanessa, I added almost 250K in new revenue. End of this year we are on track to double our revenues. Also chosen as lawyer of the year in Colorado 2017!

– Kelley Rider Goodwin, www.ridergoodwinlaw.com

Here’s the problem – most people stop themselves from experiencing the breakthrough because they don’t understand the process and the steps that they need to take.

They start to feel uncomfortable or they are not reading the signs carefully. Plus, they don’t have the right people supporting them in the arena of business growth and life to guide them.

I’ve been where you are and I know from first hand experience just how disheartening it can be.

I used to long for somebody to hand me the instruction manual or roadmap and show me what I needed to do.

The truth is, knowing what to do is going to be completely counterintuitive to anything you’ve learned before. This is not the time to work harder! Nor is it the time to hustle more.

This is a time to do something different in order to breakthrough to the next level of success. Remember that doing the same thing and expecting different results is the sign of insanity.

It’s honestly not your fault. Nobody teaches us the real journey of what it takes to be successful.

After working with thousands of clients, I’ve uncovered a very predictable system for creating a breakthrough.

Join me, on Friday, June 7th, to uplevel your business and create a million dollar breakthrough!

Broke $100,000 - best year ever from coaching despite unforeseen challenges attracting my ideal Realtor clients…

– Sharon Hall, www.sharoncoach.com

My promise to you:

  • I will show you how answering just one question will reveal a minimum of $100k of new revenue in your business
  • I will reveal the tools I use to make powerful decisions
  • I will show you how to accelerate your progress within the next 90 days
  • You will discover the UPLEVEL Process and how to navigate it effectively
  • How to access deep motivation to get into consistent action
  • How to build consistency and personal accountability

If you want more income, to make a bigger difference in the world and want to experience greater freedom - it all starts with YOU and your mindset.

The biggest opportunity for business growth is growing YOU as the leader first.

You’re facing these problems because you’ve outgrown your current business model and way of doing things.

You don’t need to do more. This type of thinking is a trap that’s guaranteed to keep you stuck. Instead, you need to change your thinking and create new actions to get new results.

You need to UPLEVEL.

UPLEVELING is the only way to experience a real breakthrough!

It’s not an easy process. But with the right guidance, you’ll have a predictable process to follow to keep taking you to new levels of income, impact and freedom.

Fired 90% of my business last October and have fully replaced it with few higher paying clients where we get to do more for them. Within a year my revenue is up 93% but more important, are the changes in my business in general.

– Brooke Lively, findyourfinancialpower.com

You cannot get to the next level with your current level of thinking.


  • You have big dreams and bold visions
  • You are serious about growing a multiple 6 or 7 figure business
  • You’re smart and good at what you do
  • You’re ambitious, driven and resourceful
  • You are ready to get out of your own way

  • You are comfortable where you are
  • You’re just getting started and you don’t yet have paying clients
  • You value making money over making a difference
  • You’re looking for a quick fix, silver bullet or get rich quick scheme

Doubled business since working with Vanessa, spent 10 days in Italy with my husband and the business still grew. What's most important is that I'm pursuing my mission offering a kinder, gentler, more affordable process for divorce and training other professionals nationwide who have the same mission.

– Nancy Hetrick, smarterdivorcesolutions.com



Please arrive on Friday, June 7, at 8:30am for registration and coffee. We will be starting at 9:00am sharp and ending at 5:00pm.


We will provide coffee/tea breaks and lunch.

Parking & Transport

There is extensive free parking available at Venue 8600. Both Uber and Lyft operate in the Phoenix area, including from Phoenix International Sky Harbor Airport.


There are numerous possibilities for accommodation near Venue 8600. The closest hotel within walking distance is The Hilton Garden Inn. Special rates may be available if you cite you are attending a meeting at Venue 8600.




  • UPLEVEL Workbook
  • Live Q & A with Vanessa
  • Coffee/Tea and Lunch
  • Networking with like-minded entrepreneurs


My Promise & Guarantee


If you don’t see the value in what I’m teaching by morning coffee break I will personally write a check and refund your full payment plus I’ll throw in a $50 gift card for having wasted your time.


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