Do Your Clients Pass the Dinner Test?


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  1. Stephanie Mathews 8 years ago

    Thank you Vanessa, your timing could not be more perfect for this video. I am a magical mothering mentor who helps moms go from chaos in their marriage, mothering and to do's to finding more freedom, fun and joy. I was talking with a women about what clients would pay for my services and I was telling her about one mom who self medicates (alcohol) and ignores her children with whatever distraction she can. I know I would NOT invite her over for dinner and therefore should not take her on as a client. So thank you so much for making this blatantly clear and easy to find my ideal clients!!

    • Vanessa 8 years ago

      Yes it's a great way to cut through all that inner chatter and then be able to move onto serving your ideal clients:)

  2. Jackie Simmons 8 years ago

    I received this within minutes of "allowing" a client to quit less than 1/3 of the way through the Emotional Elephant Training. On the surface she had the appearance of being my ideal client. She would not have passed the dinner test on our first meeting. Thanks for the clarity.

  3. MJ Jensen 8 years ago

    This reinforces my litmus test of who our Ideal Clients are...would I invite them to my home for drinks on the deck. This is a very sacred place for me and my hubby and only the Ideal people receive that invitation.

  4. Jeffrey Moore 8 years ago

    I can count on one hand over the last 25 years that I have ever worked with a customer or client that would not pass the Dinner Test. As a matter of fact, I have taken all my biggest customers and clients to dinner at one time or another... had them to my home and in many cases have done this numerous times. Business Friends is what makes this career fun. WARNING! Business Friends are going to expect MUCH more from you and will kick your a$$ worse that any other type of customer/client when you fall short of expectations. Great post Vanessa.

  5. S Hastings 7 years ago

    Love this question! It really helps me to address some of the concerns I was having...and helps me immensely simplify my client list.

  6. Kimmie 6 years ago

    I can't even being to explain how much my business has grown since I started asking this question. Identifying the three types of clients was something that scared me tremendiously in the beginning. How do I turn down a sale (or even just say no) when I am just getting off the ground? Well, once I did, I started to value my time and see how firing certain clients gave me more time for the right clients. My stress has gone down and I don't dread answering the phone when I don't recognize a number. LOL

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