Why I’m Ditching the Vision Board This Year

I just shot a quick video on why I’m ditching my vision board this year and what I’m doing instead to achieve our most important goals in 2018.

Our clients are loving this new approach too!

Nancy just came back from 10 days in Italy with her husband. She’s now working on a master bedroom remodel.

Jarrett is heading off to Bali.

Jacque is working towards a brand new home office.

Amber hit her first financial goal after just a few months in her new business and is getting excited about traveling in her AirStream.

Do you want help achieving your dreams?

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  1. David Pilsworth 6 years ago

    Wow, finally a bit of sense, so what dreams have I accomplished this year? I went back to India after fifty years, yes you heard that right 50yrs, to write Book 4 in my series. Does anyone read spiritual fiction anymore? Sure look at the Handmaids Tale, classic scifi made into a film, be patient and it happens.

  2. Doina Fitu 6 years ago

    I would love to go with my girl friends to a cruz which has elegant spa . After we get pampered , feel precious and have fun radiating happy feminine energy I attract a similar masculin . Wholsome Self love - the way of life works !

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