Why Customizing Services and Offers Can Limit Your Business

Let's talk about how customizing services and offers might just be hurting your business... and what to do instead.

I see this a lot, particularly with service-based professionals. They're looking at all of the different clients that they would like to work with and they start customizing their offers for all of those different clients.

Here's the thing...

Their prices probably aren't changing. They're probably spending a lot of time developing those offers and building that new body of work. If you are not charging premium prices for customized offers, you are probably hurting your own business growth, and certainly your bottom line.

Customizing Services and Offers

Here's a different way to think about this.

Customization really does have its place, and it's not what we're going to be speaking about. What I want to talk about is all of those places where you're helping your clients solve very similar problems. You have a set of tools, a way to work with your clients, that you can really build into a signature offering.

This becomes a very powerful way to work with your clients.

For example, if I'm working with attorney's, there are certain questions their clients ask again and again. When they're doing their estate planning, or helping them navigate through a divorce. We start to look at the ways that we can build leverage. Instead of customizing your work and your time with those clients, you look at the steps that you can take them through that would help build greater leverage in your business.

Customization or Personalization?

Look at the opportunities where clients are always going to be asking you similar questions and starting to think creatively about how you could solve them.

Let me give you an example of how we've done that with one of our clients.

He has said that there's a set of six things their clients always need to be working through before they can then take over and do the work that they need to do for them. They've created a video series, where they've given those quick tips and the documents that they need to work through and to sign, so it becomes highly leveraged.

How to Improve and Leverage Your Business

I want you to think about these 4 things to improve and leverage your business:

  1. Where are you customizing your services and offers?
  2. Are you commanding premium fees, where you could be?
  3. Do you have a signature offering that solves your client's problems?
  4. Are you creating greater leverage for you and your business?

If some of your answers are NO, I encourage you to think about how you can. Your business will transform and so will your income.


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