The Comparison Trap in Business

Let's talk about the comparison trap in business today that I see many entrepreneurs falling into.

Many female entrepreneurs really fall into this, and I certainly used to a lot in the early days. It would cost me a lot of time, energy and wasted attention because I was focused on the wrong thing.

The Comparison Trap in Business

When I say comparison, I am talking about an unhealthy comparison that we can get into. We look at somebody else's business, and we think, "They're a lot further ahead than we are." We think, "It's all right for them, but I'm only starting out, or I'm here right now and I'm never going to get there."

We start to project onto them all this amazingness. We think they're more successful. More profitable. All of a sudden, we're stretching this gap between where we are and where they may be.

The Unhealthy Comparison Trap in Business and What You Should Be Looking at Instead

If you're really honest, what you don't do is you look at somebody that's further ahead and go, "Wow. They're so inspiring. I love what they're up to. That's where I want to be one day." And the fact that you really admire that in somebody else means that it has to exist within you, too. It has to be possible for you as well.

I can tell you honestly, where I used to go to was - why even bother? That feels like a mountain to climb. I felt like I was never going to catch up. I thought they must be so much smarter, better, quicker than I was. It would take me into this negative place, an unhealthy comparison trap in business.

If you see somebody ahead of you in business, what I want you to look at are the qualities that you admire in them. Look at what they're up to and let yourself be inspired by them. Their success and their progress. It can actually move you forward.

Looking at Your Progress...

Most importantly, when it comes to the comparison trap in business, the only place that you should really be looking at is at the progress that you've made from when you started and to where you're at today!

How much progress have you made so far?

That is the real comparison in business that needs to be made. It will keep you very healthy, inspired and moving your business forward, doing the work you are supposed to do.


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