Attracting Goal-Oriented Team Members to Support Your Business

We've been talking about the importance of building a rock star team to support you in your vision and your growth for your business, and why you should not hire for skill, but hire for attitude.

I shared some tips around how do you do that. What do you look for?

One of the pieces that I found really important in growing our team to support your business is attracting goal-orientated team members.

What does that mean?

Attracting Goal-Oriented Team Members

I've discovered that when people are really keen to set goals for themselves even in their personal lives outside of business, it's going to translate into the business. You want to have a rock star team that gets excited about setting goals and achieving their goals. As you grow your business, that's going to be important for every single team member of yours.

Those people that aren't so goal-oriented in their approach, they are more like the leaf in the wind, more organic. "Let's see what happens." I've always noticed that they start to get to a place where they coast. They're also not comfortable with being accountable. Accountable for achieving those metrics or accountable to certain deadlines.

Start Looking for the Goal-Oriented People

So to attracting goal-oriented team members, you have to start looking for people that are setting goals. You want the kind of people that love to set goals and achieve them.

It has been a massive breakthrough for us in our own business and we started attracting goal-oriented team members the moment we started looking for the right people!

Next Time You Are Looking to Hire...

My challenge to you is that next time that you're looking to hire someone to support you, start by asking them:

  1. What are their goals?
  2. Their approach to goal achievement?
  3. What are some of those previous successes that they've really enjoyed?

You can start to see if they are even thinking in that direction for you and your business. Or are they going to be the 'let's see what happens' kind of a team member?

The most noteworthy advice any successful Entrepreneur will tell you, is get a mentor or coach. Skip the costly pitfalls of "doing it all yourself" and start growing your business quickly!

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