Are You Selling Your Wow?

Are you selling your 'Wow'?

Or are you too busy selling your process?

When was the last time you planned a trip to Disneyland and said …?

“I can’t wait. I'm so fascinated in their parking setup, crowd control, and ticketing systems. Also, I want to start by looking behind the scenes and seeing how those animatronic characters are built. Oh, and I know my kids will want to see how they construct those special effects inside the Haunted Mansion. ”


Disney theme parks around the globe attract about 150 million visitors each year and ultimately they all come for one thing: the ‘Wow’.

Selling Your Wow

The Wow is the emotional experience; the thrill of adventure, escapism, excitement, being a kid all over again, the anticipation of a new ride or watching your favorite Disney characters parade down Main Street.

Many entrepreneurs struggle with sales because they’re too busy selling their process instead of their Wow – and then they wonder why they hear things like “I’ll have to think about it” or “It’s not the right time”.

What’s the Disney 'Wow' experience your clients will get when they work with you?

They’re not coming to you because they’re excited about the number of sessions they'll get or the specific steps they'll be following.

They invest because they want the outcomes your work together will create for them and here's the big secret:

That's ultimately an emotional experience.

How to Sell Your Wow

Keep your sales conversation focused on the ultimate destination they want to get to. Help them paint the picture with you of how that will look and feel once they get there.

  • What would that look like?
  • How will that make you feel?
  • Why is it important to them?
  • How will they benefit?
  • Who else will be impacted?
  • Who else benefits when you become bold and play bigger in your business?

Help them also to see what they’ll be missing out on if they don’t move forward. What will be the consequences?

When you help them envision their destination and know how to get them there, you become the obvious person to take them on that journey!

Here's How to Get Them Choose You

Only when you’re confident that the destination is clear in both yours and the prospect’s mind you can start to discuss the logistics and process side of things. And honestly, the logistics and your process steps are pretty immaterial when the destination is exciting and exactly what they want.

Some people drive to Disney. Others will have to fly. And some may even be lucky enough to be able to walk there. Whatever the mode of transport, it’s always well worth it once you’re inside the entrance and racing to your favorite ride.

If you’re not speaking to enough clients about the Wow you'll be providing, your business is simply not going to grow.


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