Are you ready to stop money stress in your life?

Are you ready to stop money stress in your life?

On Saturday evening, our hot water tank cracked open. We drove into our garage after a lovely evening out and it was like entering a sauna. There was water everywhere. We went into panic mode and managed to shut down the gushing leak but we’ve been without hot water, washing machine and dishwasher. The plumbers are here now installing a new tank but we’ve suddenly got an unexpected $1300 expense on Monday morning. Ouch!

Are you worried about unforeseen bills? How much stress is money or lack of it creating in your life? Do you find yourself worrying about how to cover your monthly expenses? Do you make most of your buying decisions based on what you can afford rather than what you truly want? Are you avoiding having money conversations because you know just how awkward (and painful) they can get?

Now, if you have money flowing effortlessly into your bank account and you never have to worry about how to pay an unexpected bill, then this article isn’t for you. But most don’t fall into that category.

Feeling like you don’t have enough money is akin to feeling like you haven’t got enough air to breathe. It makes you tense. You wonder where the next breath will come from? You wonder if it will run out completely? And you wonder why others seem to always have more than you – which is especially grating when we think they are less talented, brilliant or experienced as you!

Now what if I told you that we all have the same amount of money available to us, just in the same way we all have the same amount of air (unless of course you happen to be climbing a high mountain right now)?

That may sound like a radical idea to you right now when your bank account is telling you a different story. But stay with me for a moment here – when you were born you didn’t come into this world with limited potential and a fixed dollar or Swiss franc amount stamped on your forehead that would dictate your ultimate earning ability. No, you came into this world full of potential and possibility. Yet at some point in your life, you have bought into the idea that your income was going to be limited, otherwise you wouldn’t be experiencing the money stress you have today. So where did that idea come from?

The thought patterns and ideas that we have around money are typically and unconsciously handed down to us through the generations before us. They form the “money story” that we carry in our lives and businesses today. Unless you become consciously aware of this story and take steps to create a new one for yourself, the cycle will just carry on for years to come.

Here are some top tips to start changing your money story and reducing money stress in your life:

  • Identify the “inherited money story” that has been given to you through your grandparents, parents, or others who were very influential to you when you were younger;
  • Decide what your new money story is that you want to create for yourself and specifically put a $ amount on it. Money likes you to be specific!
  • Make a list of all the ways you are currently stopping yourself from receiving more money in your business. Money always comes to us through other people. What opportunities are you not stepping up to? What conversations are you avoiding? Who could you be helping with your own gifts and talents?
  • Visualize your new money story. Make a list of the possessions or experiences you would like to have a year from now. Create a mood board with cutout pictures of them to provide you with daily motivation.

I’d like to leave you with a final thought. Having more money in life gives you choices and it’s having choices in life that gives you freedom. If you need help recalibrating your own money story, then contact us.


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