Are you avoiding money conversations in your business?

Are you avoiding money conversations in your business?

Money is one of those subjects that can cause us to rapidly revert to child-like behavior in our business. Why is this? After all, it’s just money and money obviously needs to be exchanged for your products and services if you’re serious about staying in business for the long term.

Yet many of us have been brought up to think that talking about money is somehow impolite or rude. Who doesn’t feel awkward discussing money with others.  First, we have a sense it makes us seem shallow or greedy. Second, you may be carrying a lot of embarrassment and shame about the current state of your financial situation – it’s easy to present success on the outside but if someone were to take a look at the real numbers in your business, would the findings present a different picture?

The problem is that money for many of us is a subject loaded with emotional baggage typically inherited from your childhood – so it’s not surprising that you can find yourself reverting to childlike behaviors when it comes to discussing the big M word! Embarrassment, guilt and shame are going to have you acting out of avoidance instead of feeling empowered and in control. So here are some of the places I see this playing out:

  • not stating your fees with confidence;
  • avoiding conversations with clients who are late on payments;
  • irregular pricing for your services (the money conversation in your head leads to your own assumptions as to who can and cannot afford your services);
  • not paying your own bills on time and not speaking to those vendors about how you plan to get current with your payments;
  • not making an offer for a potential client to work with you.

Running a business from a place of avoidance is not a recipe for success. In fact, it’s often said that money can be found in the areas you most avoid facing in your business! So go ahead and take your own personal money inventory. Where are you avoiding money conversations in your business? Now close your eyes and imagine yourself as the completely empowered, successful business owner you know you are capable of being and ask yourself, “how will I handle money conversations from an empowered place?” Then take action to change this pattern NOW!

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