A Different Sales Mindset That Can Give You the Energy You Need to Sign on New Clients

A Different Sales Mindset That Can Give You the Energy You Need to Sign on New Clients

Sales is something that many entrepreneurs struggle with. However, the issue can be resolved with a relatively simple mindset change.

As an entrepreneur, you play a huge role in your business.

After all, you’re not only the business owner. You’re also the CEO and manager of every sector of your company.

While that can sound daunting, it’s the truth. You’re responsible for the financial health of your business.

The good news is that you have complete control over it.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don't realize that they have that kind of control. That’s why they start feeling overwhelmed and even consider quitting. Or, they try to get everything under control but end up focusing on the wrong area.

In terms of financial health, one area will make a bigger difference than others:


It’s the area that an entrepreneur needs to focus on. Yet, many of them don’t prioritize it or delegate the responsibility to someone else in their team, if they have one. They do it for various reasons, but it all can be traced to them having a negative mindset about it.

In this article, you’ll read about the right mindset around sales that will give your business a financial boost.

Marketing and Sales Serve Different Purposes

The first thing to understand about sales is its relationship with marketing.

Now, marketing is undoubtedly the beginning of the sales process, but it’s far from being enough on its own.

What does that mean?

When you market, you communicate what you do to your prospective clients. That can initially happen through videos, writing, networking, or other channels. The purpose of that communication is simply to lead into a sales conversation.

And therein lies the main distinction between marketing and sales. While a great ad might start a conversation, it won’t immediately turn people into your clients.

On the other hand, sales is the only money-making activity in your business.

If you understand the difference between the two, you’ll know how to improve your financial situation. After all, the best way to ensure your business hits all the targets is to realize what it needs to become better at.

That said, financial trouble isn’t a marketing call to arms. Rather, it’s the time to focus on honing your sales skills. This is particularly important for entrepreneurs who can’t afford a sales team.

The first step in that direction will be to understand what sales really is compared to the widespread connotations many of us have.

The Old Way Vs. the New Way of Selling

Most people, including those who do sales, have certain negative connotations about sales.

Think about the stereotype of a car salesperson from a previous era. How do you imagine them?

I bet the salesperson you’re thinking about is pushy and blunt. They’re making their pitch tirelessly, pressing for the sale. Their entire approach gives an impression that they only care about selling, not about you as a customer.

This kind of salesperson has their sales quotas and commissions to chase… and that’s their top priority.

Truth is, this sales model is pretty dated, but it still leaves an impression on modern entrepreneurs. Due to the negative connotations, many entrepreneurs can’t get around the idea of doing sales.

If you feel the same way, you've probably thought that being a salesperson isn't why you started your business. You don't want to become that pushy person who clearly doesn't care about their clients.

The good news is, you don’t have to become like that.

This traditional model that goes around everyone’s heads isn’t the only sales model available. And it certainly isn’t the best one.

You can see the sales process as building a relationship instead.

What do I mean?

Think of sales as about having conversations with people and helping them. It can be a process of discovering your client’s needs and coming up with a way to satisfy those needs.

That’s a new way of selling that doesn’t have the negative connotations of the old way. It’s a sales method that prioritizes care instead of the sale itself.

Now, you might think that adopting this approach will need plenty of sales experience. And that’s true.

But another thing is true, too:

You already have sales experience – we all have it.

You’re Already Gaining Sales Experience

If you look at it realistically, all of us already sell.

In the broadest sense, selling is about influencing someone to take an action or a step. And that’s something we’ve been doing since we were kids.

Of course, that's not precisely the same thing as business sales. But the two have much in common. And you're already experienced in the form of sales – the basic principles are there.

Now, the important step towards perfecting your sales skills is to look at everything in the business context. You need to sell people on the idea that a particular action step can help them achieve their goals.

Essentially, you’re influencing people to make a decision and move forward.

That’s something most of us do every day with friends or family, right? For example, parents know what kind of trading happens when they need to convince their children to tidy their room.

In other words, a lack of experience isn't the issue. We're natural, well-versed salespersons after all. So, the issue is all about how you view sales.

This is one part of the mindset that will boost your sales.

The other part is something I’ve mentioned previously:

You aren’t selling only to sell.

You’re doing it to help your clients, and that’s a significant mindset change. Think of selling as influencing them in a positive way that will help them make changes and achieve bigger life goals.

Sales is the Oxygen of Your Business

One thing is clear:

Sales is necessary for every business.

It's the only process that brings money, making it crucial for all other operations.

Of course, it goes without saying that every entrepreneur should do their best to master sales. But that can be a challenge for some.

The good news is that you can overcome that challenge once you realize that you're already a natural salesperson and understand that sales don't need to be pushy and cold. Doing so will allow you to help your clients sooner and better.

So, become the best salesperson you can be – not by adopting the outdated method, but by embracing the new.


I’ve been exactly where you are. I know what it feels like when deep down inside you know you were destined for more but things aren’t going fast enough or you’re feeling stuck or frustrated.

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