Vanessa Shaw

Vanessa Shaw

Founder & CEO

Vanessa Shaw is an internationally recognized Business Success Coach and all-around dream maker who turned her passion for finding freedom in entrepreneurship into The Business Growth Academy

Whether you want to break that 7-figure ceiling, make a big difference in the world, or finally have enough support to take weekends off, Vanessa and her dedicated team of professionals at the BGA can turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality - whether you’re an attorney, healthcare professional, financial expert, marketer, branding agency or another professional service provider. Through proven growth strategies, smart business tools, expert support, and direct accountability, her clients have: 

  • Grown by more than 100% in 100 days or less
  • Taken a worry-free vacation as their business continued to grow
  • Become the breadwinner of their families 

Vanessa will guide you into getting clear on your big dreams, help you craft a bold vision for your life, and help you translate it all into a practical roadmap for success.

Described by her clients as an engaging coach with a sharp eye for business, Vanessa has a genuine passion for mentoring entrepreneurs as they break through barriers and dare to play bigger. On a mission to empower women financially, she created the fast-track ELITE program that has generated more than $13.07 million in new revenue for more than 83 small business owners during Covid - and she’s just getting started. 

Originally from the UK, Vanessa has over 16 years of experience working with business leaders ranging from startups to billion-dollar companies as well as the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. She’s also held senior leadership roles within the International Coach Federation.

Her client roster today includes attorneys, healthcare professionals, financial experts, marketers, branding agencies and other professional service providers who are really good at what they do and seeking help to grow and scale their business. 

Vanessa is currently soaking up the desert sun in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Robert, their two children, and a collection of four-legged friends.