Erin Green

Erin Green

Financial Coach

Erin Green is the Founder and CEO of Verify Services, established in 2006. Verify Services is a telecom project management firm, specializing in the installation and management of commercial voice and data services throughout the United States. Through her leadership, Verify has become a self-sustaining company, allowing Erin the freedom to pursue her other passions while supporting her team-led company in 5 hours per week or less.

In addition to Verify Services, Erin has started 3 other businesses and is generous in sharing all of the lessons she has learned along the way.

As the financial coach here at the Business Growth Academy, Erin has a gift for translating financial and accounting concepts and lingo into something meaningful that allows our clients to make informed decisions.

In 2021, Erin earned a specialized cash flow expert certification which has been instrumental in helping our clients achieve and grow their financial acumen, profitability and retirement funds. Erin helps our clients with budget planning, KPI tracking, and how to save for taxes and rainy day funds, which helps to minimize the fear and anxiety many female business owners feel around money.

In February of 2022, Erin was invited to join an 8-person steering committee to create a bank created by women to support women in business with a goal of changing how banks treat and finance female entrepreneurs. As the only non-bank employee on the steering committee, Erin was responsible for serving as the voice of other women-owned businesses and to challenge the status quo in banking.

Impressia Bank launched in May of 2023 where Erin was recognized as the "north star" of the steering committee by her peers. Impressia Bank also awarded Erin the first annual Inspirational Leadership Award for her contributions to the steering committee, her unwavering commitment to women in business, and her passion for improving the financial literacy of women everywhere.
Erin loves living life as a digital nomad, so in her spare time, you will see her traveling throughout the US and adventuring along the way! Erin also enjoys cycling, hiking, cooking, reading business books, time with family and friends and building spreadsheets!