Dana Earhart

Dana Earhart

Lead Coach

If you are ready to add multiple 6-figures to your bottom-line by streamlining and simplifying with systems, structure and strategy, Dana can lead you there. Why take this route? Because this is the exact path that provides a road map of priorities, improved efficiency and the ability to grow your revenues without jeopardizing your quality of life or services delivered.

Dana's led clients to doubled revenue in 60 days and tripled revenue in 90 days. She takes her years of real-world experience, combined with years of continued training, and helps you shortcut your path to high 6-figures by helping you create rock solid systems that make you more money and free up your time.

With over 25 years in consulting, Dana's built teams from the ground up and led teams of 2 to 100 across multiple continents, while successfully mentoring hundreds for a variety of leadership positions. She's ready to support you in doing the same.

She lives in Henderson, Nevada with her 7 year-old son DJ – who happens to be the WHY behind launching her own business 6+ years ago.

After two decades of traveling the country for client meetings, Dana knew there was a way to create a successful business that actually supports her vision which includes time to volunteer in DJ’s classroom, flexibility that allows her to cheer him on in sports and quite simply, to be there to put him to bed most nights. This is exactly what she has created, and her continued mission is to support others in creating a business that supports their desired lifestyle as well.

Dana’s a firm believer that the only glass ceiling that exists for a small business owner is the one that’s self-imposed. If you’re ready, she’ll work with you on shattering that glass ceiling of yours. The question is, are you willing to say YES and make that happen?