Whitney McDuff

Whitney McDuff

Whitney McDuff

“When we first met, she looked at the business and said (as cool as a cucumber in her beautiful British accent), "Whitney I easily see $100K sitting in your business right now that you're not accessing. Do you trust that I can help you find it? "

I took a leap.

Fast forward six weeks.

Not only have I made back the money I invested in her (within the first week) I have gone on to close another $40K in business.

More than the money though, Vanessa's coaching has given me the space and freedom to ask questions, raise prices, and have uncomfortable and necessary conversations.

Her coaching held space for me to recognize how the trauma of losing my mom was impacting my business.

Her coaching is helping me learn HOW to prioritize me, get feedback, set boundaries, and do the things I want and need to do to grow my business in a way that doesn't burn me out.

The extra income has allowed me to plan vacations with my family and book mastermind trips with my coaches, clients, and allies.

It's allowed me to create the income I need to hire more of the coaches and team members I want to work with.

Thank you Vanessa Shaw, for seeing what I couldn't see and pushing me to leap.”