Doug Striker

Doug Striker

Doug Striker

“As CEO and Chief of Business Development for the company that I own, I was always operating as if everything was on replay. I had gotten into a routine that gave me very little personal time and led to poor sleep habits. I had a hard time accepting any win as a win; all I did was grind away with no movement.

All of this was becoming potentially destructive to my personal relationships.

Thanks to my work in ELITE, I was able to gain perspective as to what my real job actually is: head of business development. I realized I had to focus my attention on that main task. Once I had established those guardrails, I understood:

  • Who my perfect prospect and imperfect prospects were
  • What my target market is and what it is not
  • How to leverage my power partners
  • How to say no to clients
  • How to create more touch points with existing clientsv
  • How to serve our existing clients at a higher level

I also learned that my goal was progress, not perfection.

I most enjoyed the results! I now understand the importance of taking time and space to focus on the personal, how to re-energize my motivation, and how to get to a place of momentum.

ELITE was just the thing I needed at the right time.”