6 Simple Ways to Create Valuable Marketing Content

We all know we should be marketing more right?

But what does that actually look like in practice?

How do you create valuable marketing content?

The best marketing adds value to the person reading, watching or listening to it whether or not they become a client. That way you can build a community of raving fans and brand ambassadors who will share your content with their own communities.

So with everything else on your plate how can you quickly create valuable marketing content without it becoming another full-time job for yourself?

Here are quick 6 simple ways to create valuable marketing content for your community:

  1. Answer a real question from one of your clients. That’s exactly how this article was created. Your prospects have likely got the same question in their own minds and giving a few tips on how to solve it is really helpful!
  2. Share a tool / tip-sheet or checklist that you use with your own clients. Make sure it’s self-explanatory and easy to follow. A quick checklist is designed to make your prospect’s life easier. Example: 12 simple ways to gain 10 free hours per week.
  3. Rant - this can be a great way to show your community what you stand for. The key to doing this right is to make sure your rant would be aligned with a message your ideal clients would want to hear. Example: if your company prides itself on great customer service you can easily do a rant on poor customer service. There are plenty of examples to choose from! Your rant clearly positions you as somebody who’ll take great care of their clients.
  4. Behind the scenes - I certainly love a sneak peek behind the scenes of somebody’s business. What could you share from behind the scenes that others would love to learn about? Example - Sharing a FB live or video of behind the scenes of how we prep for a client event.
  5. Broadcast live from a community event - are you sharing with your audience the way you give back through community events? This is a great way to demonstrate a philanthropic side to your business. We have an attorney client who frequently gives pro-bono legal classes to those who can’t afford to hire an attorney. She’s able to share a couple of the key points that she covers during those pro-bono classes in her marketing.
  6. Share a personal insight. What have you just learned that may be beneficial to your prospects. Personal insights enable your prospects to connect with you in a more intimate way as well as sharing something that could give them a great “a-ha” too.

Which one of these are you going to use in your own marketing?

All of the above can take just a few minutes to create as most of these are happening during the course of your work in any case. The key is that they must be relevant to your ideal “champagne” clients.


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