Module 3: Stop Trading Time for Money

MODULE 3: Stop Trading Time for Money – create programs that your ideal clients will love and pay you handsomely for. Trading your time for money often leads to undercharging for your services, comparisons with other similar service providers and quickly places a ceiling on your income because you will quickly become limited by the number of hours in the day. The solution is to create packages and programs that deliver results that your clients will love you for and be willing to pay you handsomely for. In this module, you will learn:

  • How to radically rethink the way you are currently offering your coaching services
  • To speak the language that your ideal clients will relate to
  • The #1 reason clients will invest in you (I struggled with this one for ages and it's been a huge breakthrough for me!)
  • To create programs and packages that will attract your ideal clients
  • Raise your fees and remain in integrity


Please download and print the worksheet below or fill it out on your computer to accompany the recording to the right.

Recording & Transcript

Recording Transcript