5 tips for overcoming tolerations

Are you really going to put up with the same old “stuff” in 2013?

This is the time of year that I love to look back on what has changed for me in 2012 and start the process of creating new goals for 2013. Now undoubtedly for me, 2012 has been a hugely transformative year in many ways and moving across the planet to a place where I knew nobody set a whole new journey in motion. However, this week I was asked by my new business mentor “what am I still tolerating?”. It was rather scary to see some old “stuff” still hanging around with me. And I've eliminated heaps of “stuff” in my own life these past few years, but there are still some old “favorites” kicking around with me. Yikes!!!!

“Tolerating stuff” in our life drains energy, is hugely frustrating and gets in the way of achieving greater success. Makes sense right? So why do we continue to put it with it? It's the story that we tell ourselves about why we're putting up with it that is the real problem. This is the story that will hold you back, slow you down and ultimately sabotage your success. It's only by uncovering that story that you will start the process of setting yourself free of the “stuff” you continually drag around with you.

[blockquote author="Joseph Campbell" align="pull-right right"]“The cave that you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”[/blockquote]If you are committed to making 2013 a bigger year for you than 2012, then you will have to stop tolerating the “stuff” that holds you back. I've committed to making 2013 my Most Exciting Year Yet and I so want that for you too. To get you started take a look at my 5 tips below for overcoming your tolerations.

5 tips for overcoming your tolerations

  • Take a look at every area of your life – health, relationships, business, finances, spirituality and list all of your tolerations (no holding back now – even down to the holes in your socks and your messy closets!);
  • Next, one by one, list your excuses (yes they are excuses even when they sound perfectly plausible to you!) for tolerating them;
  • Decide which ones you are going to shift once and for all. When you make a decision it involves a full commitment to not going back, no plan B and doing whatever it takes;
  • Create a sense of urgency – it's no good saying someday when...” as someday” is simply not a date in the calendar. Decide and commit to making the changes you seek and mark the date in your calendar as a reminder;
  • Get help – nobody is a self-made person that has been hugely successful alone. Everyone needs help and external accountability will accelerate your path to success far quicker than trying to work it all out by yourself. By the way, trying to “go it alone” should go onto your tolerations list if you're still not getting the results you desire!

And if you need help with any of this, please contact us!


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