3 Top Reasons Why You Have to Go to Grow

3 Top Reasons Why You Have to Go to Grow

All too often I see business owners wanting to get more clients but using all the wrong strategies to get in front of them. One of my personal favorite marketing strategies is to attend events. You often find yourself in a room full of hundreds of potential clients that you could help and if you chose the right ones, they are there because they’re looking to solve a problem that you can help them with.

Yes, it can take a lot of effort – you need to get dressed up (but hey that’s an excuse to go shopping), perhaps get your children looked after, get on a plane and juggle your schedule. But from my experience the potential payoff outweighs all that effort. I could give you at least 10 good reasons why you should be attending events and getting out from behind your computer but here are my top 3 to get you started:

  • Strengthen your success mindset – it’s all too easy when you’re working in the daily “weeds” of your business to get stuck in self-limiting thinking and lose sight of the bigger vision for your business. The conversations and learning that takes place in an environment around aspirational entrepreneurs are the quickest ways to sharpen your mindset and make rapid progress. Put simply, wallowing in the weeds of your business is a ripe breeding ground for doubt, worry and fear to creep back in. In contrast, being around others who are achieving the success you desire, shines a light on what is truly possible and is a kick-up-the-backside motivational tool.
  • Seize new opportunities – there are actually many people who are actively seeking the services you provide. But they aren’t going to find you when you’re hiding out in your office behind a computer screen. It’s time to get real here – how often is your phone ringing with people saying “I’ve heard about you and I need to hire you now!”. This might be what you’d love to have happen but you have to be much more visible first so that people get to build the know/like/trust factor with you. When face-to-face with a potential client it may only take a few minutes of conversation before they say “I really need your help!” or you meet somebody who offers to make an important introduction for you. You have to show up to go up!
  • Serendipity – My husband has taught me so much about serendipity. We’ve often taken off to new places together with no real agenda other than being open to the new adventure that can enfold, the new people we’ll meet and the new experiences we’ll have. It’s honestly a formula that never disappointments and has often been full of unexpected pleasant surprises. All you have to do is allow yourself to have a spirit of positive expectation and then allow serendipity to work it’s magic. And you get to meet more people that are “not like you” (here’s why that’s important in a great TED talk on the surprising need for strangeness).

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