The 3 Numbers You Need to Know in Your Business

In the previous video, we have been talking about knowing your numbers in your business. What are the 3 numbers you need to know in your business in order for it to be healthy and viable?

The first number is your income.

Do you know with absolute clarity how much you're generating in your business every single month from your clients and your customers?

The second number is your expenses.

How much does it actually cost you to be in business every single month? Do you know that number?

And then... when you subtract your expenses from your income, that should be giving you the third number.

Your profit - which is the third number you need to know.

Now, in an ideal world, we want our expenses to be less than our income so that you know what your profit is and what is remaining. If you know those three numbers, you're going to be in great shape.


I’ve been exactly where you are. I know what it feels like when deep down inside you know you were destined for more but things aren’t going fast enough or you’re feeling stuck or frustrated.

Our clients frequently report doubling and tripling their incomes, reaching more people, creating greater freedom as well as thoroughly enjoying the journey of business and leadership growth.

The most noteworthy advice any successful Entrepreneur will tell you, is get a mentor or coach. Skip the costly pitfalls of "doing it all yourself" and start growing your business quickly!

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