The Business Growth Academy

Our Business is Growing Your Business

Are you ready to get more clients and increase your revenue?


You know you’re capable of building a fabulous business and lifestyle.

You are destined for success.

You have what it takes to play big: a growing business, a big vision, hunger for more – you're a lifelong learner and an action taker.

And you also know you can easily get stuck in the day-to-day weeds, get in your own way – and end up being the greatest bottleneck in your business.

In order to grow and scale your business, you'll need to let go of doing it all, get the right plan, coaching and accountability to help you achieve your dreams faster.


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“I couldn’t be more grateful for the work Vanessa does. Not only have I experienced it myself, but I have seen countless lives changed through her approach.”

– Russ Perry, Founder & CEO of Design Pickle @russperry

Our business is growing your business.

We can help you grow fast. And we can help you do it a lot faster than if you tried to figure it all out on your own.

The Business Growth Academy is for ambitious business owners who want to grow their business to a million and beyond.


Real Clients. Real Results.

  • “Vanessa is way more than a business coach (although I did hire her originally to help grow my business!). Since working together I've developed a completely new way of showing up in my business as the leader and true CEO. Every aspect of my life has been positively impacted from health to finances to relationships and my own confidence has significantly grown!”
    – Karen Goade-Caves– Karen Goade-Caves
  • “Fired 90% of my business last October and have fully replaced it with few higher paying clients where we get to do more for them. Within a year my revenue is up 93% but more important, are the changes in my business in general.”
    – Brooke Lively– Brooke Lively
  • “I added $140,000 in new revenue in the first 12 months after working with Vanessa.”
    – Ruth Urban– Ruth Urban
  • “I broke though my own financial glass ceiling and generated more revenue from my own company and my own work, than the most I made working for a big corporation. Now, I have a lot of confidence in my ability to generate whatever I want and be successful at it. There are no limits and no boundaries now.”
    – Deborah Johnson– Deborah Johnson
  • “In less than one year working with Vanessa, I added almost 250K in new revenue. End of this year we are on track to double our revenues. Also chosen as lawyer of the year in Colorado!”
    – Kelley Goodwin– Kelley Goodwin
  • “As an entrepreneur who is very passionate about helping our clients and team members solve serious business problems I often find myself getting into the weeds juggling dozens of tasks every day. Working with Vanessa has made me understand the importance of prioritizing and focusing on what's really important. Now we're at 7 figures, we're already strategizing to double it again! Thanks Vanessa for all that you do!”
    – Jay Feitlinger– Jay Feitlinger